90’s Trends to Incorporate into your Daily Outfits

90’s trends are making a comeback! If you are a loud and proud 90’s baby, then make it a point to incorporate these fierce 90’s trends into your daily outfits.

Plaid is Back

When one talks about plaid, images of the movie “Clueless” immediately comes to mind. While these 90’s trends are more of schoolgirl-ish, you can still incorporate them into your daily outfits and look highly sophisticated. Avoid the usual pleated plaid skirts and go for more refined items, such as a plaid pencil skirt.

plaid skirt

plaid coat red plaid skirt

Be Sexy in a Slip Dress

Kate Moss is perhaps one of the forerunners of the best 90’s trends. One of her signature pieces was the slip dress, which is often seen in the bedroom – and not on the red carpet. But because of Kate’s fashion sense, the slip dress managed to emerge as one of the hottest 90’s trends.

Now, it has made a fashion comeback – and many are heeding the call! Like the supermodels before you, you can look ravishing in a slip dress simply by pairing it with an appropriate topper (or bottom) even. While you can wear it on its’ own, it’s not advisable this harsh winter season.

sexy black slip dress lacy slip dress black slip dress

Be a Vixen in Velvet

One of the 90’s trends that you might have despised when you were young was velvet. But now, it’s time for you to turn the other cheek and love it with all your heart. This comeback fashion kid is making headlines nowadays, and you should too as well! Whatever velvet piece you decide to wear, just make sure to keep it down with the styling and accessorizing.

velvet jumpsuit velvet coat velvet maxi

Charm in a Choker

The choker is one the 90’s trends that is making a huge comeback today. Whereas the past versions were goth-inspired, the present editions are more classic and glamorous. The choker is just one of the many 90’s trends that you can wear whenever, wherever. Of course, your style should depend on the occasion or setting though. If you’re going to office, skip the colorful choker and opt for a timeless gold piece instead.

gigi hadid choker blue choker layered choker

Marvel in a Mary Jane

If you were a youngster during the 90’s, then you probably have worn Mary Janes once (maybe twice) in your early days. This school wear staple is not just for studying anymore, as this is one of the 90’s trends that serve as perfect footwear options for the office. Choose Mary Jane pumps in black (or other colors if you want) to break the monotony of your usual office outfits.

chloe moretz mary janes black mary janes alexa chung mary janes

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