9 Rules for Styling Chain Belts

Chain belts are seen as a symbol of luxury as they add interest to an otherwise plain outfit by adding color, texture, and elegance. Wearing chain belts effectively over tops and dresses is a harmony between the style, color and placement of the belt, and the style of the top. Here are a few tested rules that might help you to incorporate chain belts into your style:

1. Invest on beautiful chain belts.

beautiful gold chanel chain belt

unique chain belt

The best finishing touch of chain belts could be something with an interesting design or texture. Wearing chain belts are used to make a shapeless outfit look sleek and curvy, and adding the perfect women’s belt propels you into the group of the best dressed. If you like to make a statement, wear a fashionable chain belt. Chain belts are a timeless investment – if they are good quality chain belts you can wear them for years which make them a great wardrobe investment.

2. Find your curves and don’t create a double waist.

chain belt on blue maxi dress

Sometimes your curves will be a little bit higher than typical waistline and sometimes a little lower. When you’re typical bust size and holding a little extra around the waist, placing a belt just above the waistline is usually the best. When you’re short-waisted, placing a belt lower than the waistline in front and at waist level in the back is often the remedy. If you are long-waisted, placing a belt high on the waist is most attractive. If you wear low-cut pants, do not create a double waist. That will split your figure in pieces. When wearing a dress, belt at your natural waist – the smallest part of your upper body – unless the dress style places an identified waistline elsewhere.

3. Choose a style that fits your proportions.

gold chain belt on a black dress chain belt with cross

If you’re curvy or petite, an overly designed chain belts will take up the entirety of your upper body and make you look like a chest on top of the hips. Plain chain belts, on the other hand, will balance you out. With a straight, undefined waistline, a simpler plain chain belt placed a little lower in front can work really well. Long-waisted women can wear overly designed extensive belts, while short-waisted women tend to look better in a narrower or plain chain belts.

4. Think about contrast.

gold chanel chain belt in black dress chain belt on a gray coat

Blend in chain belts with your outfit. A low contrast chain belt – silver or bronze — is usually perfect for waistlines which aren’t that defined, giving you a complementing long slim line. While a high contrast chain belt like gold color instantly draws more attention to the waistline.

5. Match your outfit.

gold chain belt in denim shorts gold belt on a buttoned blouse blue and red coat dress with gold chain belt

Whether you want to make a statement or simply keep your denim jeans in the right spot, chain belts look good with faded or light-colored jeans. Other shirts and pants look particularly attractive when belted. You can wear a chain belt over a dress, but ideally one with belt loops or else it’ll slide around. Your belt is most likely to move when you sit down, so check your belt’s place whenever you stand. You’ll want to draw the eye on just one statement piece when wearing a chain belt. So, simple earrings could be your accessories as they won’t be competing with the belt. Button down shirts also look fabulous with belts. Make sure the top comes down past your hips.

6. Add another layer.

chanel gold chain belt in a black dress and jacket layered outfit with chain belt

Layering a coat or sweater over a top with either a low or high contrast chain belt is a stylish way of wearing a chain belt. When worn like this, the chain belt brings an interesting textural dimension to your outfit. If you’re dressed in a sweater or even a coat over a shirt, you can support it all together with a chain belt. The look is definitely fabulous and quite unique as well. But remember, belts cause extra volume with this look.

7. Wear your chains doubled up.

doubled up gold chain belts

You can do so in a couple of tricks. For example, you can actually wear two chain belts, could be identical or in complementary designs. You can also, go for a belt that is detailed and overly designed, and actually wrap it twice around your waist or hips.

8. Make good use of the chain belt’s “tail.”

gold and leather chain belt stylish tail

The tail is the segment of the belt that is excess after you wrap it. A long chain belt will have a long tail. This usually happens if you use chain belts that you have your jeans which generally need to be longer to support your hips on your waist.

9. Be comfortable.

chain belt on black dress in a denim coat

Be sure it stays on the place and even fits after you have eaten dinner!

Wearing a chain belt is a great way to style the same outfits in a unique style. Wear your high and low on your hips, spotlight your curves, and spark an original style! Be artistic and have fun!



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