9 Jewelry Essentials Every Woman Needs

Just as you need the wardrobe staples to look fashionable, you also need jewelry essentials. Since they’re versatile enough to go with the rest of your wardrobe, inventing on them can help you save a lot of time and money. Whether you wish to look glamorous, sophisticated or simple, keep on reading for our 9 jewelry essentials every woman needs to give some idea on your next shopping.

  1. Stud Earrings or Simple Ear Cuffs

diamond stud earrings with chain necklace and maxi dress

pearl earrings with casual outfit earcuffs-with-mesh-top-and-mermaid-skirt

Generally, the core of your jewelry should be as simple as possible to make it easier to blend in with your outfits and various colors without competing. Pearl stud earrings and crystal stud earrings are versatile enough while keeping your looks classy on an occasion that requires you to look sophisticated, especially on conservative work settings, job interviews, and even formal parties. On the other hand, simple ear cuffs can work as an accent to your outfit while giving room for a stylish top or dress.

  1. Pearl Necklace or Bracelet

ant print dress with pearl necklace and bangles pearl bracelets with chevron print dress beautiful pearl necklace

A pearl necklace or bracelet is classy but not too flashy, which is excellent to wear with all your outfits and occasions. Just make sure you pick a length that won’t choke your neck making it look shorter. Generally, the ideal pearl necklace length falls between your collarbone and right above your bust. Large pearls tend to make a fashion statement that’s great for getting that classy look, as well as creating a juxtaposition with your casual-chic or even urban outfits.

  1. Dainty Gold Necklace

dainty gold necklace with white top and cobalt blue pants dainty necklace with sexy top and cobalt blue shorts dainty necklace with floral bandeau top and white pencil skirt

When you wish to look sophisticated, but only want a small dash of glam, go for a dainty gold necklace with universal shapes of pendants such as round, oval, and square, not star or heart to make them classy and versatile enough. If you want to be able to wear it for day and night, just opt for a smaller pendant to avoid drawing too much attention. Again, choose simple and versatile pendant shapes such solitaire, marquise, or cube.

  1. Gold Choker

gold choker with black corset top and pink pants gold choker with pink chiffon blouse and graphic skirt gold choker with fur coat and black jeans

If you’re aiming for a glamorous statement, opt for a gold choker that’s bold but never go out of style. Gold chokers are glamorous already, so avoid teaming them with brightly-colored or sparkly tops. Instead, go for the classic shades, especially black, that will bring out the lustrous shade of your gold necklace making them look more glamorous and elegant.

  1. Metallic Bib Necklace

metallic-bib-necklace-with-leather-bandeau-and-checkered-skir statement necklace with all white outfit

If you’re looking for a statement necklace that brings a boring dress shirt or tee to life, go for a metallic bib necklace with large chains, multiple layers, and even bold pendants. Like fashion blogger Micah Gianneli, dress up your white outfit with a metallic silver necklace that will make the statement for you while staying simple on your outfit.

  1. Jeweled Necklace

jeweled necklace with black dress jeweled necklace with striped top and leather shorts jeweled necklace with floral skirt and white top jeweled necklace with floral dress and red blazer jeweled necklace with casual chic outfit and nude pumps

For a romantic look, go for a jeweled necklace in the elegant shades of black, white, dark blue, browns, as well as seasonal colors such as red, purple and yellow. Like fashion blogger Nicole Warne, complement your floral prints with a ruby red jeweled necklace that will add some elegance and ladylike vibe to your chic outfit.

  1. Dress Watch

black-dress-with-colorful-winged-heels-and-chic-watch simple watch with chic outfit dress watch with breezy dress dress watch with all white outfit

You need at least one simple metal dress watch in either gold or silver depending on your personal taste. Your first dress watch should be perfectly scaled to the size of your wrist like opting for a smaller watch if you have a small wrist and vice versa if you have a wide wrist. This way, you’ll maintain a professional and neutral look for office or a formal occasion. After securing a basic dress watch, feel free to indulge in the oversized watch and crystal embellished watches that accentuate your personal style.

  1. Chandelier Earrings

chandelier earrings with geometric print dress statement earrings with baroque outfit elegant earrings with evening gown dangling earrings with black and white outfit chandelier earrings with silver cuff

You need at least a pair of chandelier earrings that boosts the glam-factor of your cocktail dress. Just make sure your first pair of chandelier earrings is in either neutral silver or gold preferably with clear crystal embellishment to make it look classy and chic. After securing the basic style, feel free to go for fun chandelier earrings in classic colors. Try timeless and seasonal colors such as purple, dark blues, reds, and greens, as well as multi-colors and mixed materials that can bring some fun to your looks.

  1. Cocktail Rings or Cuffs

cocktail rings with cuffs and edgy outfit cocktail ring with hoop earrings

Cocktail rings and cuffs are trendy accessories you may add to your style, but keep them in versatile designs. A cocktail ring is a great alternative to bracelets and adds a pop of interest to your outfit. If your personal style is edgier and dramatic try black and dark, or go for oversized cocktail rings with gemstones. However, don’t go overboard with the size if you have small hands.

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