9 Jewel Tones to Add Into Your Everyday Outfits

Color obviously named based on the gemstones with similar hues, jewel tones are opulent, rich, and elegant that will give your style some flair. Wearing these jewel tones in casual outfits for everyday events as well as formal events can be tricky, so keep on reading for our styling tricks on how you can add them to your everyday wardrobe.

  1. Ruby Red

red blouse with silk skirt

red lace dress with nude shoes

Passionate, striking, and glamorous, ruby red usually has that certain ounce of allure. The color is rich and very much fitting for a glamorous party. Like fashion blogger Kristina Bazan, go for this jewel tone hue to make you outstanding in the party. Just go for a black pair of pumps or nude sandals to keep your statement color the focal point of your look. Also, a great neutral color to pair up with this jewel tone is chestnut brown as it harmonizes well with the jewel tone and adds to the richness of colors in the outfit.

  1. Onyx Black

black gown with chic bag cut out crop top with pencil skirt

Contrary to what most people think, black is not a straightforward color as it has different shades. The jewel tone onyx, a shade lighter to the crude black, gives off glossy sleekness perfect for a glamorous party or even an everyday outfit that will keep your fashion style sleek and polished. Like Kristina Bazan, go for an onyx black shade when wearing your crop top and pencil skirt to keep your sexy outfit glamorous and chic.

  1. Amethyst Purple

black lace top with purple skirt purple outfit with turtleneck

The color of royalty, amethyst purple actually approaches a more indigo hue rather than violet. Cold skin tones will benefit hugely with this color as amethyst will look good on them. Like fashion blogger Jessica Ricks, you may think of teaming your purple silk skirt with a black lace top that will give some romantic, feminine, and classic look perfect for evening dinners and even a date night.

  1. Teal

teal outfit with gold jewelry teal dress with printed blazer

Teal is definitely one of the most elegant jewel tones. Typically, the jewel tone makes your fair skin glow due to its rich and not-so-bright hue. Like Kristina Bazan, you may think of accessorizing your outfit with a few gold accessories like a pair of earrings, necklaces, cuffs, and rings to bring out the luxurious feel on your style. Better complement your teal outfit with a pair of black shoes or nude pumps to make it look more classy and sophisticated.

  1. Lime Green

lime green coat with casual outfit lime green top with white pants

Neon-ish with a hint of pastel, lime green is great for women with cool complexion making their skin glow. For brunette or ombre-haired ladies, wearing this jewel tone on the top half of your outfit emphasizes your hair color. Since the jewel tone has the lighter hue, white can be the best complementing shade over black and navy. Like Kristina Bazan, simply let your lime colored blouse standout with a pair of white skinny jeans and black sandals.

  1. Emerald Green

emerald green coat with yellow jeans emerald green scarf with fur coat

Emerald green is one of the few jewel tones that are fairly easy to put into everyday outfits simply because we’ve seen others use it. The elegance of this jewel tone certainly stands out in the office even in the small hint of this shade. Like Kristina Bazan, complement your dark brown fur coat with a pop of emerald green scarf that will bring a sophisticated feel to your looks.

  1. Sapphire Blue

sapphire blue bag with sky blue dress sapphire blue shorts with white top

Like emerald green, you have also seen sapphire blue incorporated in many everyday street style outfits. The jewel tone definitely flatters any type of hair color and skin tone but it especially emphasizes blondes. For a great color pairing, go for a sapphire blue and white combination that will give a polished look to your outfit. Wearing it with other shades of blue can also be great as long as you keep the jewel tone the only striking color on your outfit.

  1. Citrine Yellow

citrine yellow dress with chic footwear citrine yellow printed blazer with black pants

Vivid and blinding, citrine yellow offers enough brightness to your everyday outfits while giving you a playful and romantic vibe. Another unique edge to this jewel tone is that it also looks great when paired with darker jewel tone like an onyx black that will give a great contrast with your striking shade. You may actually go for a printed blazer in citrine yellow with the background of black to make it look stunning and statement-making from day to night.

  1. Tourmaline Blue

tourmaline dress with nude shoes tourmaline blue with nude mules

Tourmaline is one of the few jewel tones that lean more on the brighter shade. It is also one of the few jewel tones that look its best during the spring and summer because of its bright hue. For a romantic look, copy Kristina Bazan’s monochromatic style of wearing the jewel tone and keep your footwear in the nude shades to avoid contrasting with the bright color of your outfit.

This way, you’ll look vibrant, glamorous, and luxurious on your street style without spending a lot of money.

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