9 Creative Ways to Wear Metallic Silver This Spring

Every spring season, there are colors that are considered to be in style and one of them is metallic silver. We’re not sure when tinsel-toned silver clothes became everyone’s fashion uniform, but the shade itself can bring some unexpected, edgy, and even futuristic vibe to your style. Keep on reading of our creative ways to wear metallic silver this spring.

  1. Silver Jewelry

silver earrings with silver cuff and statement ring

silver necklace and bracelet with eclectic outfit

One of the simplest ways to wear metallic silver into your style is wearing silver jewelry. Whether you opt for a matching set of haute couture pieces like Kristina Bazan, or go for a trendy layered look on your jewelry like Micah Gianneli did, silver jewelry will add some elegance and chic to any outfit you’re wearing. This way, you’ll add some spark to a blossomy and colorful spring ambience.

  1. Metallic Silver Belts

ear cuffs with white outfit with silver belt metallic silver belt with white dress

It’s time to trade your gold belt to silver belts that will still give the same glam with a modern and techno-chic touch. Like fashion blogger Annabelle Fleur, creatively knot your belt with your all-white outfit to create a trendy look. If you’re heading to formal parties and seeking a classic look, then go for a silver belt to spice up your white dress and nude pumps just like what Kristina Bazan did.

  1. Metallic Silver Footwear

metallic silver pumps with striped pants and navy top slip on metallic silver sneakers with chambray and white jeans silver shoes with neutral outfit silver gray lace up shoes with chic outfit

Whether you’re a fan of sporty-chic, dressy casual, or romantic look, metallic silver footwear can instantly spice up your spring outfits. A pair of metallic silver pumps will add some classic touch to your striped pants and casual top while keeping it grounded and modern. If you’re not a fan of canvas sneakers and colorful kicks, you may want to consider those metallic silver slip-on sneakers that look chic perfect for a sporty cool outfit. Feel free to go for metallic silver lace-up sandals, ballet flats, boots, and even gladiator sandals that can make your spring style a bit unexpected.

  1. Metallic Silver Clutch

classic dress with ankle strap sandals and metallic silver envelope clutch silver clutch with lace dress

Since metallic silver itself is a glamorous color, you can make your party outfits more festive by going for clutches with modern design. Fashion blogger Jessica Ricks creatively spiced up her black knitted dress with a metallic silver envelope clutch making it look modern and chic. Black is an elegant color while silver is modern. So wearing the two color combinations together will create a techno-chic outfit that can take you from day to night.

  1. Metallic Silver Dress

metallic silver dress with strappy flats silver print dress with striped shoes silver lace dress with strappy sandals metallic silver shirtdress with statement shoes metallic silver dress with strappy sandals metallic silver and black party gown metallic silver and black dress

If you’re bold enough to wear the metallic color, then go for silver dresses on your spring looks. For a casual street style, you may opt for a metallic silver dress with loose and relaxed silhouette like Blair Eadie’s wearing, or simply a shirt dress that can be complemented by sneakers. You may also consider those metallic silver trims, embellishments, embroideries, or ornaments in dresses, as well as silver colored lace, that look chic and modern. Instead of wearing bright red or neon yellow dresses for parties, go for a metallic silver gown like Kristina Bazan is wearing and you’ll surely make those heads turn.

  1. Matching Set

metallic silver blazer and pants metallic silver sequin crop top and high waist skirt metallic silver pants with gray tee and blazer

If a metallic silver dress is too intimidating for you, then go for a matching set that’s more versatile to wear with other pieces if you don’t want to stick with the coordinating look. For a daring take on the metallic color, copy Jessica Rick’s style of wearing a metallic sequined crop top with a high-waist skirt that made her party looks unexpectedly glamorous and chic.

  1. Metallic Silver Tops

metallic-silver-bandeau-top-with-white-jeans-and-blazer metallic silver blouse with sporty pants and ballet flats

Sweater, tee, tank top, bandeau top, crop top, blazer and such can be great to add some glow near your face. Like Micah Gianneli, you may go for a metallic silver bandeau top and tame its daring look by topping a sleek blazer and wearing a pair of white jeans with it. This way, the white shade will dilute the shiny and eye-catching color of your metallic top.

  1. Metallic Silver Pants

metallic silver pants with graphic top and box clutch net boots with metallic silver pants and black top

Looking for fresh ways to look effortless without resorting to denim jeans? Then go for a pair of metallic silver pants. Like Kristina Bazan, wear your favorite graphic top with your silver pants to make your casual street style statement-making without looking too dressy. Just go for a pair of black boots or classic pumps for a great color contrast to bring out the best in your metallic silver shade.

  1. Metallic Silver Skirts

sequined silver skirt with striped top metallic silver skirt with chambray shirt

Metallic skirts can tend to make your hips heavier, so skip this when you’re bottom-heavy. Sequined and embellished style can add more volume that is perfect for women with straight or inverted triangle shaped. Like Blair Eadie, you may simply go for a striped top to wear with your metallic silver skirt to make your spring outfits a bit modern, trendy, and unexpected.

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