9 Cobalt Blue Combinations to Copy Right Now

Elegant and striking, cobalt blue is one of the most luxurious colors that you can wear anytime. You just need to update your wardrobe with a blouse, shoes, bag, shirt, dress, skirt or pants in this shade and go out like a real street style star. Also, you can make the most out of your cobalt blue pieces by wearing them from neutrals to unexpected color combinations. So, keep on reading for the 9 cobalt blue combinations to copy right now.

  1. Cobalt Blue + Turquoise

cobalt blue and turquoise dress

lace up heels with scarf and cobalt blue sweater

One of the modern ways to wear a monochromatic outfit is to wear cobalt blue with turquoise which will bring a bright and cheery statement since the two shades are bright. Like Ella Catliff, you may opt for a dress with cobalt blue and turquoise color blocks, or simply wrap a turquoise shawl with your cobalt blue outfit like fashion blogger Annabelle Fleur did.

  1. Cobalt Blue + Black

cobalt blue backless lace dress leather trousers with structured coat and cobalt blue lace up heels dress vest with skinny black jeans and cobalt blue bag

If you’re a fan of an all-black outfit, you may spice it up with a pop of bright color on your accessories. But instead of going for flashy neon shades, think of a cobalt blue bag or shoes that will keep your statement classy and luxurious like fashion blogger Annabelle Fleur did.

  1. Cobalt Blue + White

cobalt blue dress with white bag cobalt blue skirt with white blouse

If you wish for a lighter contrast, think of wearing your cobalt blue pieces with your white ensembles that look more feminine and gentle. Like fashion blogger Annabelle Fleur, make your beach looks effortlessly cool with a breezy cobalt blue dress teamed with a white bag and sandals.

  1. Cobalt Blue + Nude

cobalt blue matching set nude hat and bag with cobalt blue dress cobalt blue top with leopard print pants

One of the sexiest yet muted shades, nude is the new black. For a flirty style, top your cobalt blue dress with a nude floppy hat and a sling bag teamed with sexy heels. Or keep a classy style by copying Kristina Bazan’s outfit wearing a cobalt blue blouse and leopard print pants topped with a nude or camel coat that will definitely work in cooler months.

  1. Cobalt Blue + Green

green outfit with cobalt blue clutch and green pumps green top with cobalt blue capri pants

Looking for a quirky yet cool statement? Go for the cobalt blue and green combination. Like fashion blogger Nicole Warne, spice up your green and turquoise outfit with a mini cobalt blue clutch. Or, add some creativity to your casual Fridays like Mary Orton did, wearing a green sweater with her cobalt blue Capri pants.

  1. Cobalt Blue + Yellow

cobalt blue jacket with yellow shorts yellow dress with cobalt blue clutch and heels cobalt blue skirt with yellow top and cobalt blue clutch

Bright and sunny, yellow will definitely work in the summer as well as in the colder months that will inject a summer-inspired vibe. Like Ella Catliff, team your cobalt blue biker jacket with a neon yellow skirt that will create a striking statement. Or, make everything subtle with a mellow yellow dress teamed with a cobalt blue clutch like fashion blogger Kristina Bazan did.

  1. Cobalt Blue + Hot Pink

pink draped top with cobalt blue jeans cobalt blue and pink dress with cut out shoes

You may also think of teaming the masculine and feminine shades by wearing cobalt blue with hot pink on your dresses and separates. Like fashion blogger Annabelle Fleur, a hot pink blouse teamed with a pair of cobalt blue trousers can be enough to make a statement on your casual style.

  1. Cobalt Blue + Red

burgundy scarf with pointy boots and cobalt blue bag cobalt blue sweater with red trousers cobalt blue jumpsuit with tassled red sandals

Cobalt blue will balance the fiery vibe of red. Like fashion blogger Kristina Bazan, you may go for a deeper shade of red like burgundy that will look more classy and elegant when teamed with cobalt blue.

  1. Cobalt Blue + Orange

orange bag with cobalt blue dress cobalt blue suit with orange top and pumps

Playful and quirky, orange and blue combination is great for channeling your cheery vibe on the streets. Like fashion blogger Kristina Bazan, wear a gold necklace or a choker with your cobalt blue dress and orange handbag to add some elegance to your quirky look. Indeed, cobalt blue is one of the most cheery yet classy shades you may go for to create a fashion-forward look.

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