5 Style Secrets of Most Stylish Women

Stylish women are the ones we draw inspiration from since it looks like they have a knack for dressing themselves effortlessly yet elegantly. Whether you’re just developing your personal style, or looking some inspiration to look more fashionable, keep on reading for the 5 style secrets of most stylish women.

  1. Keep your structures and silhouettes neat.


checkered-skirt-with-leather-jacket-and-boots boho-chic-outfit-with-briefcase

Perfect-fitting clothes will make your looks more expensive, but if you are going to wear something oversized on top, keep the bottom skinny. On the other hand, if you are going to wear billowing trousers, tuck in your top to show off your waist or opt for something that is close fitting or waist-skimming, otherwise you risk looking messy. Like fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni, you could go for a shift dress, but if you feel it overwhelms your feminine curves, top it with a jacket to add some illusion of waist without wearing a belt.

  1. Dress for your body type, not for the latest trends.

brocade-dress-with-transparent-bag striped-harem-pants-with-off-shoulder-top high-waist-leather-skirt-with-printed-blouse

Learn to work with your body, highlighting your assets and concealing your flaws. You may choose to belt a small waist or show off your shoulders, but you must camouflage the parts you are uncomfortable with. If you don’t like your arms, don’t wear sleeveless tops, even if you love the top. You aren’t going to feel comfortable wearing it, your arms constantly on your mind. If you don’t feel great, you don’t look great.

  1. Go for an everyday handbag that will dress up your outfits.

all-white-outfit-with-statement-bag-and-mary-jane-shoes mustard-dress-with-statement-bag

Handbags are another great way to add some character to a look, so never buy a boring one. If you go for a classic shape, you may go for a shade that will pop. Remember, most of the women will inevitably resort to a black, brown, or nude everyday bag, which won’t make you stand out. However, your everyday handbag must be versatile with any of your outfits since that would be the one you will wear most. You may actually look for a bag from your favorite designer or brand, but skip those trendy or “it” bags that won’t last for long. If you the bag passes these tests, that is an investment piece.

  1. Pick non-platform pumps over platform ones.

chambray-shirt-with-statement-skirt-and-blue-bag collared-chic-blouse-with-paper-bag-waist-shorts-and-fall-coat

Though platforms are great for adding you some height while keeping you comfortable, most of stylish women say no to big platform pump. If these kinds of shoes are hidden under a floor-length gown, or maxi dresses that no one can see them, it would be nice. But if you can see them, better opt for classic non-platform heels that look elegant and smart. Also, if you think a two-inch platform is invisible because it’s the same color as the rest of your shoe, guess again.

  1. You must own a nude or black pair of shoes.

oversized-coat-with-all-black-outfit nude-heels-with-jacket-and-sheer-white-outfit

Everyone should own a nude or black pair of shoes. Nude shade is elongating since it matches your skin tone and there is nothing highlighting where your leg ends, which helps to give the illusion that they go on for much longer than they actually do. Whether it’s a flat sandal, a simple pump or high-heeled sandal in the perfect shade of nude, you can’t go wrong as they go with everything. On the other hand, black goes well with anything and is great for grounding your bold colored outfit. By heeding these tricks, you’ll be able to look more effortless and natural like most stylish women do.

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