8 Vintage Pieces to Refresh Your Wardrobe in 2016

Whenever you feel stuck in a fashion rut, it’s time for a wardrobe update. However, having a refreshed wardrobe doesn’t necessarily mean buying trendy pieces as you may think of vintage to give some throwback flair to your street style while keeping your personal touch to your style. Keep on reading for our 8 vintage picks that will refresh your 2016 looks.

  1. Tweed Blazer

tweed blazer with distressed jeans and cap toe pumps

tweed top with black skirt and edgy boots tweed polka dots and checkered top with frayed shorts tweed blazer with gold belt and skinny jeans

For a stylish and functional style, trade your knitted cardigan and a trench coat with a tweed blazer that will give you an elegant and sophisticated look. Like fashion blogger Jane Aldrige, you may go for blazers with classic patterns and elegant shades that will complement your skin tone. Since tweed really screams vintage-y, modernize the look with a pair of skinny jeans, gold accessories, or even a pair of trendy shoes like Jane did.

  1. Vintage Dress

vintage dress with coat and peep toe boots vintage silk dress with mules and belt vintage plaid dress with thing sandals

A vintage dress, in earthy shades of red-orange, brown, camel, and even forest green, can make your street style fashionable and feminine as long as you keep your statement intentional. Think of plaids, checks, polka dots, paisley and other prints that can evoke a vintage feel without looking outdated. Make your style intentional by wearing chunky necklaces, vintage cuffs, peep-toe boots, and even vintage bags. If you think your dress style is too vintage for a trendy look, simply top your outfit with a lightweight coat like Jane did.

  1. Crop Top

buttoned crop top with floral skirt ruffled crop top with tribal print skirt off shoulder crop top with vintage skirt

Compared to crop tops in the 1980s, today’s crop tops are worn in a much more sophisticated way. You may think of wearing them with flowy skirts, palazzo pants, high-waist skirts, and pencil skirts that will balance the sexy statement. Better go for crop tops with conservative neckline as baring your midriff is a sexy statement already. Like Jane, go for midi to maxi lengths on your bottoms to keep it vintage-y and a little modest.

  1. Denim Jeans and Culottes

cuffed jeans with chiffon top and flats rainbow striped crop top with denim culottes frayed jeans with colorful floral coat and pink shoes

Denim jeans may be a timeless staple that knows no season, but going for a faded, frayed, and slouchy style would be great as long as you’ll balance them with your tops. Like Jane, add some pop of colors by wearing a rainbow-striped top or a colorful floral coat with your vintage denim bottoms that will make you look updated and trendy without taking away that vintage statement.

  1. Vintage Jumpsuit

vintage jumpsuit with belt military jumpsuit with red belt

Vintage jumpsuits are cool and effortless alternative to your casual jeans and tee. Just update your jumpsuit by wearing modern shoes or make it look intentional with vintage belts and bags. Typically, shades of olive-green, rust, red-orange, as well as vintage pattern will be a great statement that will stand out in the seas of eclectic, modern, and trendy jumpsuits outfits everyone’s wearing.

  1. Striped Top

striped crop top with gingham skirt and thong sandals striped sweater with leather dress

Timeless and versatile, striped tops can be great to look a bit vintage on your street style without looking overdone. Considered as a neutral print, stripes can be a great complement for your vintage skirt with gingham prints as well as for your camel leather dress. Just go for a black-and-white version of stripes that look timeless compared to red and blue versions that look nautical-chic and modern.

  1. Flowy Skirt

cropped top with pastel skirt flowy skirt with pastel pink top and metallic pumps

Feminine, chic, and sweet, flowy skirts are great for channeling your vintage look without looking old-fashioned in your street style. Like Jane Aldridge, stick to the pastel shades of pink, blue, yellow, and peach to keep your feminine vibe. Remember, the softer and lighter your colors are is the younger you’ll look compared to bold black, navy blue, and deep red.

  1. Vintage Accessories

vintage bag and scarf with jeans and sweater vintage cuffs and bangles with casual outfit vintage belt and patent boots with gray skirt and chiffon top

If you’re not a fan of vintage outfits to be worn in your street looks, then simply accessorize your typical outfit with vintage accessories. Wooden cuffs, vintage bangles, leather bags, satchel bags, woven belts, hoop earrings, silk scarf, patent boots and such can be great. Indeed, vintage style is one of the iconic looks you can have for a stylish, feminine, and personalized street look.

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