8 Swimsuit Trends for the Warmer Days Ahead

Warmer days are coming and you know what that means: beach time! Whether it’s spring break or a summer vacay that you’re prepping for, there is one thing you shouldn’t be without and that is a cute swimsuit. Check out these swimsuit trends for the warmer days ahead and make sure you have at least a couple to pack for your warm weather escapade.cute long sleeved coordinating swimsuit

snakeskin lace up swimsuit with tassels

  1. High Waisted Bikinis – say goodbye to your teeny weeny bikinis and hellos to high waisted swimswear. This season, add a touch of retro to your look by wearing a high waisted bikini. Not only is this super stylish, it offers more coverage as well.high waisted high neck bikini pair
  2. Citrus hues – they weren’t kidding when they said orange is the new black. This spring, citrus hued bikinis are going to be all the rage so start shopping for bright and vivid swimwear with citrus colors now.orange and pink neon swimsuit
  3. Cut outs – if you like swimsuits that provide ample coverage but still have sexy details on them that tease, look for swimwear with cut out details. These are one of spring’s hottest swimsuit trends so there will be plenty to choose from.cut out swimsuit with slight gypsy vibe
  4. Bondage style – bondage style swimsuits are back and they’re even racier than ever! If you’re into swimwear that shows plenty of skin, this one is definitely for you.bondage style swimsuit
  5. Fringe – it looks like we’ll be seeing more of fringes in the coming days because fringe details on swimsuits are another one of spring’s biggest trends. Look for details like tassels or fringed hems for a cute and sexy look.fringe aztec print bikini
  6. Leather – this year’s spring swimsuit trends are super fun and sexy and one of my personal faves is the leather swimsuit. Yes, you read that right and don’t worry because leather swimsuits are thinner compared to other leather clothing items so they’re very comfortable to swim and lounge around with.simple leather swimsuit
  7. Long sleeves – long sleeved swimwear and rashguards are back on trend so its time to restock and replenish your closet with them. If you’re the type who likes full coverage from her swimwear, this trend is totally for you.long sleeved swimsuit
  8. Lace up – remember how lace up tops and lace up bodysuits became so popular last fall with their popularity lasting through winter and, as we see it, beyond? Well, this spring, lace ups are back and in the form of super sexy swimwear, too! If you’re looking for a way to channel your inner Kardashian, this swimsuit trend style is going to be perfect for you.lace up white swimsuit


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