8 Spring Outfit Ideas – Care of Chloe-Grace Moretz

Actress Chloe-Grace Moretz started young – and she continues to be one of the teen icons many girls (even women) look up to. Achieve her vibrant fashion style by trying the spring outfit ideas inspired by the 19 year-old thespian, no less.

Stunning Separates

Wearing separates is a great way to create more style options. Such can fuel great spring outfit ideas, at least according to Chloe-Grace Moretz. The vibrant actress is often seen in cool separates, such as the silver tandem below.

silver separates

yellow separates

Yellow from Top to Toe

Pastel colors and brights are all the rage this spring. As such, one of the best spring outfit ideas is to utilize any of the said colors, such as yellow, which was fully embraced by Chloe in her recent runway outing.

yellow outfit

Printed Top + Printed Dress

Layering might be for the colder seasons, but it can be a basis for your spring outfit ideas as well. Take the case of the actress’ mad layering skills, as she looks very fancy in her striped top and printed bustier dress.

dress over top

Lace + Leather

Looking for unique spring outfit ideas crafted by no less than Chloe-Grace Moretz? Then mix lace with textured leather! The marriage of 2 different textures will help you create a style that people will definitely remember.

lace and snakeskin lace with leather

Bustier/ Crop Top + Printed Skirt

Springtime is all about showing some skin. If you have mean abs that deserve some exhibiting, then follow Chloe’s spring outfit ideas and bare your tummy in a bustier/crop top with a sexy pencil skirt. The bottom helps balances the daringness of the ab-baring top.

bustier and skirt

Printed Top + Leather Skirt

Mixing soft and hard fashion pieces is one of the style trademarks of Chloe-Grace Moretz. With that being said, one of the spring outfit ideas that you can derive from this is the mixing of a floral printed top with a hardcore leather skirt.

printed top and leather skirt leather skirt

Graphic Top + Cuffed Jeans + Booties

Even if she’s a popular actress, Chloe’s spring outfit ideas are entirely wearable. Case in point: this simple graphic top + jeans + booties combo. This you can definitely wear anywhere, from school to a mall outing with friends!

top and jeans

Bright Top + Printed Shorts

Spring outfit ideas are all about showing your legs. With that being said, Chloe’s bright top + printed shorts pairing is a great way to showcase your gams this lovely season.

top and shorts

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