8 Outfits to Copy from Zendaya Now

If you’ve been following Hollywood stars keenly, you’ll know that Zendaya’s been killing it with her style game lately, be it on the red carpet or off duty. She may be young, but she’s surely way up there, on the top of the list of the most stylish stars in Hollywood, easily competing against seasoned style and fashion icons and enthusiasts. Here are some of the few outfits that you’ll want to copy from Zendaya right now.daytime-futuristic

fabulous-flapper new-yorker-style real-life-barbie

  1. Geek chic – who says geek can’t be chic? Check out Zendaya in this super cool street style look, to which she added an amazing geeky vibe to by accessorizing with a pair of nerdy glasses and finishing it off with a dorky top bun.geeky-chic-outfit
  2. Monochromatic madness – for those of you who think monochromatic looks are boring, this look by Zendaya may just change your mind. The secret to pulling off a monochromatic look like this, really, is just having fun with it.monochromatic-mogul
  3. Sporty and sexy – this red jersey top gives Zendaya the right hint of sporty while everything else makes the whole look chic and sexy. She also made sure to accessorize with a statement necklace and heels to make the outfit look a bit more dressed up and glam.zendaya-sporty-sexy
  4. Summer babe – summer may be over but just looking at this gorgeous outfit by Zendaya makes us want to wear our summer frocks again! This printed coordinate set accessorized with a cutesy little woven crab bag is giving us life!summer-babe
  5. Schoolgirl sophistication – think you can’t pull off a schoolgirl inspired outfit without getting much of that anime otaku vibe? Think again! Check out this gray and black ensemble by Zendaya featuring a pleated mini, thigh high boots and a long coat! That’s how you do a sophisticated school girl inspired look.school-girl-chic
  6. Velvet vixen – don’t you just find this look by Zendaya super hot and sexy? A leather bralette and a velvet suit in red just screams sultry glam. Not to mention, her boots are on point (pun intended) and her hair adds a sleek vibe.velvet-vixen
  7. Athleisure’s best – if you’ve always wondered what athleisure is all about, it’s this right here. All that athletic vibe coupled up with elements of luxe make the epitome of an athleisure look.athleisures-best
  8. Double denim done right – here’s another look that proves Zendaya is on top of the style and trends game. This double denim look is exactly how a street style superstar would pull off the trend.



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