8 Must Have Accessories When You Live in a Seasonal Walking City

Though accessories are a must to keep your street style stylish and updated, they’re also a functional essential, especially when you live in a seasonal city where your feet are your main form of transportation and your time outdoors is much more frequent. Keep on reading for our list to keep you geared up and stylish in whatever season you’re in.

  1. Sunglasses

chic sunglasses with feminine outfit

sunglasses with chic outfit and red bucket bag classic sunglasses with chic outfit and bib necklace

Everyone can wear a pair of sunglasses, especially in the sunny days you spend more time outdoors walking and commuting. To keep your sunglasses functional and stylish, go for frame shapes that flatter your face shapes. For instance, a square shaped face typically looks great with a pair of rounded frames while a round face look great with angular style of sunglasses making your face look more proportioned and ideal. Feel free to try for shapes that can look great on you like aviator, cat’s eyes, retro, oversized, classic, or even rectangular ones that look classy and chic.

  1. A Winter Hat or Beanie

neon beanie with winter outfit winter beanies with black outfit and gray coat

During the winter, it can get downright brutal when you have to spend great deals of time outdoors. A hat can help trap heat and keep your whole body nice and toasty on those extended walks or commutes. Whether you’re a fan of beanies, fedora, or floppy hats that can be worn in the winter, go for styles that look flattering on you. Also, you may use your beanies or hats to add some pop of color to your outfit by picking neon shades, or keep your looks grounded with neutral hues.

  1. A Variety of Gloves

leather gloves with red coat and jeans leather gloves with winter outfit

Not only will you need gloves, but you want to consider gloves for a variety of occasions and temperatures. You may go for a pair of light knit gloves that you can wear in mild chilly days to keep you warm and comfortable. However, a pair of leather gloves is a must-have especially on arctic cold days that you need to be outside. Like fashion blogger Blair Eadie, have fun with your gloves by picking the playful shades of red or purple, and even neon hues that will add some pop of color to your outfits.

  1. Chic Umbrella

green umbrella with casual chic outfit red umbrella with chic outfit pink coat with pastel blue skirt and transparent umbrella

Everyone needs an umbrella, especially in a walking city, so you won’t get caught out in the rain or in the heat of the sun. Like Blair Eadie, you may go for umbrellas in bold shades of red, blue, purple, green, or even a transparent one, which will work in a rainy season. Teaming the color of your umbrella with the color of your outfit creates a cohesive look making your functional accessory a part of your overall look.

  1. Snow Boots or Rain Boots

rain boots with casual outfit snow boots with chic winter outfit

If the walking city you live in gets snow, you need snow boots as people need rain boots in a rainy walking city. There’s nothing is worse than wet feet all day freezing feet in the winter. Though snow boots and rain boots typically made from clunky or not-so-stylish material like rubber, you may still look for ones with dressier styles. Like fashion blogger Blair Eadie, you may go for boots in a chic color like black, white, red, or even shades of pastel that you can find in your local stores. Don’t leave home without a pair of boots that can keep your feet warm and dry in the chilly season.

  1. Scarves

scarf with classic outfit and hat

Scarves are great for women who are not a fan of turtleneck sweaters as they can give you enough warmth and style while keeping you chic all day. Like Kristina Bazan, you may go for a printed scarf that’s versatile enough to wear with casual jeans, leather trousers, chic dresses, or any of your favorite outfits. Blanket scarves can be great to wear in different styles of knots that will show off your artistic and creative skills.

  1. Walking Shoes, Boots, or Sandals

chunky boots with trench coat and casual outfit loafers with casual chic outfit chunky sandals with casual outfit strappy flat sandals with knitted top and cuffed jeans

If you’re walking a lot then walking shoes, boots, or sandals are needed. Have a pair that you can count on for all seasons, like comfortable walking sandals in the summer and boots with comfortable heels on the colder months. Strappy sandals may be comfortable, but chunky boots, blocked heeled sandals, loafers, and ballet flats look dressier and chic. Just pick those pairs you feel stylish and comfortable in.

  1. Functional and Stylish Handbag

chic bag with classic outfit white bag with urban outfit chic green bag with classic outfit

Small handbags are usually useless when you are walking around all day. So, find a functional and stylish bag that is big and sturdy enough to carry more than the essentials you have. A bucket bag, tote bag, and hobo bag are typically roomier than satchels and messenger bags that you may go for. Remember, women who live in walking cities carry their life on their backs. So, go for ones that are perfect for your environment and at the same time you’re comfortable to tote around.

Living in a seasonal walking city is much different from life in the suburbs. So, be sure to have these must-have accessories to ensure you’ll get to where you want to go in comfort and style.

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