8 Flattering Colors to Wear for Your Feminine Style

Wearing flattering colors on our looks can make our style more expressive, vibrant, and feminine. Forget those unexpected color combinations that look trendy as well as color blocked outfits that seem creative, and stick to ones that bring out the feminine, sweet, and fresh look in you. Keep on reading for our 8 color picks that can flatter your feminine style even more.

  1. Pink

pastel pink dress

pink dress black pumps pastel-pink-lace-dress-with-nude-pumps

Known to be the feminine color, pink is the ultimate fountain of youth as it adds a refreshing glow to any woman who wears it. Whether you wish to wear pink head-to-toe or in small doses like a scarf or bag, the shade gives you a sweet, romantic look that can take you from day to night. If you have a fair complexion or cool undertones, shades of hot pink, pastel pink, and saturated pink looks great on you. On the other hand, if you have a bronze or olive complexion like Micah Gianneli, opt for muted shades of pink that look better on you as going for bright pink will only create a high contrast with your darker skin tone. Pink shades translate beautifully to sheer or silky fabrics, so they work great for dressier occasions.

  1. Red

red cocktail dress with nude shoes ruby red earrings with red dress and red pumps red off shoulder dress

Daring and sexy, red instantly gives you a feminine but sexy and alluring vibe. Wearing red in your outfits is an effortless way to look sexy and daring without showing too much skin. Like Chiara Ferragni, you may go for a flattering off-shoulder dress that flares slightly on the hips to emphasize your womanly curves. Going for a midi dress with moderate sleeves also looks feminine but in a demure and classic way. However, skip this color if you’re going in the conservative setting like weddings and business meetings to avoid giving a wrong impression on the bold and daring shade you’re wearing.

  1. Burgundy

burgundy skirt with tweed blazer leather trousers with burgundy blazer

More classy and tamed than red, burgundy has the deep red shade of wine that evokes a feeling of glamour, luxury, and elegance without stealing the show. You may think of mixing your burgundy pieces with luxe fabrics like brocades, silk, velvet, and lace for a regal look. Wearing the shade head-to-toe doesn’t look intimidating compared to red. Like Kristina Bazan you may pair the elegant shade with black shoes or simply keep it dominant by pairing it with nude pumps.

  1. Teal

teal dress with black ribbon belt teal ruffled dress with lace up sandals teal outfit with gold jewelry

On its own, teal makes a delicious rich color that perfectly looks fantastic for everyone, especially redheads, blondes, and brunettes. The shade can actually make your skin glow, especially if you have a cool undertone. Like Kristina Bazan go for a teal outfit and complement it with gold jewelry and nude shoes, though wearing black belt and shoes will work also making your outfit look grounded and simple. However, if you have an olive skin tone, going for a brighter shade of teal wouldn’t hurt giving a great color contrast with your tanned skin.

  1. Pastel Blue

flirty blue dress with white structured bag serenity blue dress with white pumps rose quartz floral clutch with serenity blue dress

Compared to cobalt blue, pastel blue feels more romantic and feminine that generally flatters everyone’s complexion. Since serenity blue os one of the Pantone’s color of the year, wearing the shade on dresses and skirts will make you look romantic and trendy without trying too hard. Like Jessica Ricks, team your pastel blue dress with a pink floral embellished clutch that looks so flirty and feminine.

  1. Coral

coral skirt and sweater with envelope clutch and nude pumps flowy coral dress

Easier to pull off than bright orange, a soft coral looks pretty with both tan or deep skin tones and fairer skin. Since coral is luscious for warmer weather and mixes perfectly with other mid-tone shades, wearing the juicy color on your street style can make you look more playful, vibrant, and fresh without stealing the show. Like Kristina Bazan, go for a flirty, voluminous, and draped dress for a fancy look, or simply wear it with cream or nude accents to keep it sleek.

  1. Purple

purple dress with gold shoes purple lace dress with crisscross sandals

Known to be the royal color, purple is soft enough to work on any complexion but vivid enough to brighten features. The regal color is a perfect alternative for cocktail dresses. Like Jessica Ricks, wear it with the metallic shade of gold that makes the regal shade more glamorous. The royal color also adds a jolt of sophistication to work wear and casual wear. To keep it look more grounded and simple, wear the rich jewel tone with black and other neutral accents.

  1. Nude

nude dress with cap toe shoes sexy nude dress with white blazer nude studded dress with classic pumps nude dress with red shoes nude dress with floppy hat

Depending on your skin tone, shades of nude look flattering and feminine. When picking the shade of nude outfits, go for ones that differ from your skin tone color to avoid looking bare. Body con and form-fitting nude outfits look only great if they’re dark or light enough against your skin tone. You may go for ones with embellishments, metallic trims, gathers, and pleats that look visible from afar. If you have an olive skin tone, bronze shade looks more flattering than nude. Because skin tone colors can look bare, you’re best to skip them for the office.

By incorporating these flattering colors on your looks, you’ll make your feminine style more expressive, classy, and effortless.

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