8 Costly Shopping Mistakes to Avoid

Shopping can be fun, but it’s just easy to fall into traps like sales, discounts, and even uniform sizes. So, keep on reading for the 8 costly shopping mistakes to avoid.

  1. Not creating a list before you go shopping.



Women often forgot the items their need when they came to fashion stores as they become overwhelmed by stylish options. As a result, so much money is wasted on buying clothes that they don’t need and don’t add value to their wardrobes. So, before you shop, you need to do an audit of your wardrobe and write down the items you really need to extend your functional closet.

  1. Not understanding what suits your personality, body type, complexion, and proportions.

pastel-blue-jacket-with-culottes tribal-print-skirt-with-backless-tank-top

Understanding your body type, proportions, and complexion will give you great ideas which pieces to buy. Remember, regardless how trendy the piece is, if it doesn’t flatter your body type and personality, then you’ll never feel fabulous in them. So, only invest on pieces that flatter you, so you’ll stop wasting money on clothes that don’t suit you, and you’ll make shopping easier as you know what to try on and what to avoid.

  1. Not bothering to try on the clothes.


Many women just pick the items out in what they consider to be their ‘size’ and take it home. However, most of them find it as ill-fitting, wasting the time it took them to get to the store and wasted money by not returning the unflattering garment. Remember, it may look fine on the hanger and fabulous on a mannequin, but so often the cut is a little off on a real body.

  1. Only taking 1 size into the dressing room.

boxer-shorts-with-crop-top crop-top-with-printed-shorts

It’s true that so many stores only allow you 3 to 4 garments in the dressing room at once, so you feel you have to be really selective about what you take in. However, don’t take only one size of an item, but instead take at least 2 to 3 sizes around your real size to get a better fit.

  1. Buying on the sizing label not what fits you.


Remember, you’ll look so much better when your clothes fit you well, rather than basing your purchasing decisions on a number that is completely arbitrary and varies from store to store. Some shift dress varies size with a fit-and-flare dress, and the same thing applies to a regular rise jean and a high-waist style that need to fit you perfectly.

  1. Buying because it’s on sale, not because you need it.


Though many of us love a bargain, a sale item doesn’t mean you’ve found a great deal. This is especially true when you purchase clothes that you never wear, regardless how cheap they are. The rule of thumb is if you’re not willing to pay a garment on its full price, then it’s not worth buying even if it’s on sale.

  1. Being influenced by the sales assistant who is paid to get you to buy clothes.

backpack-with-military-chic-outfit pink-coat-with-nude-pumps

Avoid asking the sales assistant if the clothes look great on you, as they’ll probably answer yes since they’re paid to sell you clothes. In fact, some are even paid extra commissions based on how much they sell. So, do your homework by knowing what looks great on you and trust the mirrors.

  1. Buying because it’s designer or a label, not because it suits you.


We may love a bit of luxury, but buying a fashion piece just because it’s a designer rather than it’s flattering won’t feel great for long. So, only buy designer items when you understand what really works for you so the investment can be worthwhile. By taking these tips, you’ll banish buyer’s remorse for good.

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