8 Bohemian Staples for Free-spirited Girls

If you love laidback and relaxed looks that are chic and stylish as well, you’ll surely love Boho fashion. Boho girls are the luckiest. They get to look fabulous while also keeping it simple and laidback which means less fuss about trends and more thought on how to make every outfit as free-spirited as themselves as possible. If you’re interested in going Boho, check out these Bohemian staples for free-spirited girls.

  1. Maxi skirts and maxi dresses – if there’s one thing that you won’t find missing in any Boho girl’s wardrobe, it’s a maxi skirt or a maxi dress. Maxi length skirts and dresses are perfect for creating Bohemian-themed looks because they’re free-flowing and laidback just as any Boho look should be.maxi dress and fringe bag
    maxi skirt outfit boho style
  2. Fringed pieces – whether it’s a shirt you’ve DIY-ed, a bag with tassels or a cute dress with fringe details, fringe is something that you can’t be without when creating a free-spirited Boho wardrobe. Fringe may be something you associate with the fall season but trust me it works just as well during any other time of the year.fringe crochet cardigan
  3. Earth-toned pieces – Boho fashion can be just as colorful as any other style genre but it’s core is abundant with earth-toned pieces which is great because they’re neutral and super easy to build upon, especially for layered look.earth tones sexy modern boho earth colors on boho inspired look
  4. Breezy tops – another must have for free spirited Boho girls are breezy tops. Look for ones made with light, sheer material and also try to get yourself those that do not fit too tightly. Remember that you’re aiming for a very laidback look so anything too tight is a no-no.breezy boho top with eyelet details
  5. Light and sheer outerwear – layers are a quintessential part of Bohemian dressing and one really easy way to incorporate layers into your look is to simply cap off your outfit with light and sheer outerwear. Of course, you’ll want to use heavier and thicker outerwear during the colder seasons but for spring and summer, light and sheer is the way to go.light kimono cardigan light fringe cape blanket
  6. Flared pants – though most of the time you’ll see stylish ladies channeling their Boho side wearing skirts and dresses, pants are very much a must have for building a Boho themed closet, too. Skinny jeans are okay but they tend to lend more of a contemporary vibe so it’s better to opt for flared pants instead to achieve that light and laidback feel.flared white pants
  7. Headpiece – headpieces are important when going for a Boho look. Typical Boho stereotypes would wear flower crowns and while those are pretty, they’re not the only headpiece you can wear. Hair chain jewelry makes a great Boho headpiece too and so does a turban and a scarf.headpiece turban boho headpiece jewelry boho
  8. Strappy sandals – finally, to complete your Boho look, finish off with strappy sandals. For a more modern, contemporary feel, opt for lace up sandals. Otherwise, gladiator style ones are fine.strappy boho sandals


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