8 Alexa Chung Style Ideas for Spring

Alexa Chung is a model and fashion icon that many ladies look up to. If you are just enamored with her lovely outfits, then make sure to adopt these Alexa Chung style ideas for spring.

Little Black Dress

When it comes to classic Alexa Chung style ideas, nothing beats the Little Black Dress. The British Vogue editor kicks her fashion game a notch by wearing unique LBDs, such as the lacy number below.


lbd outfit

Dress Shirt

Dress shirt used to be tacky, but now it is considered high-fashion. Take this, notably one of the most comfy Alexa Chung style ideas, to work or play for a retro-feel look.

dress shirt striped dress shirt

All White

Wearing an all-white ensemble is never boring, as proved by these Alexa Chung style ideas. The divine-looking model shows that the key to pulling off this cool hue is to mix textures (silk and denim in her case,) wear a bright red lip, and contrasting shoes (a black and white loafer.)

white outfit white attire

Suit + Sneaks

Are you tired of wearing the usual shoes at work? You can wow many by following one of the many Alexa Chung style ideas for work. Be casual and comfy for washdays by pairing your tailored suit with sneakers.

suit and sneakers

Dress + Sneakers

Want to achieve a lovely spring look with a kick? Then wear your kicks with your floral dress, undoubtedly one of the coolest Alexa Chung style ideas for spring. Not only is it comfy, it’s very edgy as well. It is a perfect marriage of soft fashion details (the dress) with the hard ones (sneakers.)

dress and sneakers dress with sneakers

Tank Top + Button-Down Skirt

The button-down skirt has made a fashion comeback! It is actually one of the most popular pieces of many Alexa Chung style ideas, as the model-cum-editor is always seen in this skirt – paired with a tank top in this case.

tank top and skirt

Graphic Top + Bright Skirt

Are you planning on attending a music festival? Then be inspired by one of the easy-peasy Alexa Chung style ideas that include a graphic top and a bright skirt. Fashionable and fuss-free, you don’t have to worry about your comfort with this attire.

graphic top and skirt

Button Down + Shorts

Thinking of going to the mall with your friends? Then show off your gams by following these fun Alexa Chung style ideas for spring. Like the model, you can look cozy yet impeccable in a printed button-down top, shorts, sheer tights, and suede boots.

button down and shorts button down with short

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