7 Ways to Wear Ankle Boots for Winter

Winter is coming to an end, have you gotten the most bang for your buck on those fabulous new ankle boots you just bought? If you haven’t yet, and you’re planning on getting a lot of wear from them before you put them away, check out these tips on different ways to wear ankle boots for winter.

distressed hem with statement red boots

Keep it neutral

Ankles boots almost always come in neutral colors, so to keep with the theme and to make it more winter-appropriate, wear it with other neutral pieces and create a look that’s simple but stunning.

brown neutral boots and jeans outfit winter

Wear it with culottes

You’d think two summer pieces together for one winter look is too much, but just look at this fabulous perfection, and you’ll see how they work magnificently for any season, winter included.

marsala culottes and white boots outfit winter ankle boots

Choose flats

Flat ankle boots are so much more sensible if you’re planning on wearing them for winter. No heels make it easier to walk on slippery roads with them, plus they are so much more comfortable.

flat ankles boots chic outfit for winter animal print flat ankle boots

Try on a monochromatic outfit

You know what’s great about ankle boots? They can be as simple and as funky as you want them to be. If you’ve got a pair of statement boots waiting to be worn, why not go for a wintery monochromatic look and use them as your pop of color? And don’t think you can’t do this with plain and simple ones, those work great for building a fully monochromatic look, too.

monochromatic outfit with statement boots monochromatic red outfit red leather pants and ankle boots

Paired with shorter hems

Show off your ankle boots without having to show off skin and get your gams cold by opting for cuffed, cropped, or distressed hems. You can also roll up the hem if you’re going for a shorter one but don’t want to commit to it. This is a great way to not only show off your ankle boots in winter but to also fake the look of being tall.

short hem on leather pants with ankle boots

With a dress

Wearing a dress in winter may sound like the last thing you’d want to do, but for those of you who live in areas where the cold is quite bearable, this is a great idea. If you’ve got a pair of ankle boots that you want to show off, pairing them with a simple but stylish dress is something you can opt for. Add a maxi cardigan if you want some drama in your look.black and white dress with boots slip dress with cardigan and ankle boots


Fake the look of longer boots

Not quite sold on rocking ankle booties in winter, but still, want to give your pair a chance? If you’re comfortable with rocking longer, taller boots, you can always fake the look by matching tights with the same color boots. You can layer it under a midi skirt or dress and pull off the look knee-high boots.ankle boots with black tights outfit winter



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