7 Ways to Style Your Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans are finally back on trend! Not that they ever went out of style or anything; it’s just that we’ve put wide legged pants front and center for quite a while now, it’s nice to see skinnies dominating the fashion scene once again. If you’re going back to your old ways and are trying out your skinnies once again, you might want to check out these chic ways to style your skinny jeans.

  1. Ripped knees – we all love the distressed denim look but, sometimes, it’s just too much rough and rugged to wear in one outfit. Instead of going with a full distressed look. You can go for jeans with just ripped knees instead to add just a hint of casual cool to your outfit.ripped jeans white
    ripped knees skinny black jeans
  2. With long tops and outerwear – this has got to be one of my favorite ways to style skinny jeans. I think the combination of the ultra skinny fit and a slightly loose, long top makes for the perfect casual cool outfit.long cardigan jacket and skinny jeans long knit top and skinny jeans
  3. With tall boots – with fall lurking just right around the corner, styling your jeans with tall boots (knee high or thigh high are best) is the way to go. Slouchy boots are great if you want a relaxed look while ultra fitted boots are perfect if you’re going for the posh, dressy vibe.tall boots and skinny jeans tall sexy boots for fall
  4. Rolled or cuffed –  jeans too long? Roll up the hem or cuff them up. Not only will your jeans fit better this way, they’ll also get that easy vibe that’s neither too rugged nor too dressy. Rolled and cuffed jeans also tend to give the illusion of longer legs (as long as it is done right) so it’s a great styling trick for the petite ladies out there who want to look a little taller, even without wearing heels.cuff rolled jeans outfit cuffed jeans retro style
  5. Cropped – another way to style your skinny jeans is to have them cropped. This styling technique also helps create an elongating effect which is perfect for petite ladies. Cropped skinny jeans are great for showing off statement shoes as well.cropped skinny jeans miranda kerr cropped high waisted jeans outfit
  6. Paired with an off shoulder top – something about the combination of skinny jeans and an off shoulder top just screams sexy sophistication. Wear this combo out anytime for any event for an instant chic look.off shoulder flirty top and skinny jeans off shoulder top and skinny jeans olivia palermo outfit
  7. With a shirt tied around the waist – give your jeans some fall vibes by tying a cozy flannel shirt around the waist. This look would also make a nice, warm summer night outfit.shirt around skinny jeans waist shirt tied around waist



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