7 Ways to Add a Preppy Vibe to Your Spring Look

Spring is usually all about the floral prints, pastel hues, and colorful looks and while we have nothing against that, you can’t deny that there are just some days when you find these a little too girly for your liking. If you’re not a very girly girl and you’re looking for fun new ways to update your wardrobe this spring, why not add a touch of preppy to it? Here are a few couple of ways that you can add a preppy vibe to your everyday spring look.

  1. Wear white – preppy looks are usually very straightforward, clean, and simple so white would make a very nice addition to any spring wardrobe that needs a hint of preppiness to it. Try wearing white jeans instead of your regular blue denim to give an outfit a very subtle preppy hint.white jeans and blue scallop edge top
    white top and checkered shorts
  2. Say yes to collared tops and dresses – instead of going for plain crewnecks or V-necks, wear collared tops or dresses. Collars strongly connote the preppy style genre thus adding it to any look can help inject more of a preppy vibe to it.collar shirt with heart prints collar shirt with heart prints
  3. Avoid frilly pieces – as mentioned earlier, preppy looks are usually very simple and clean so fussy and frilly silhouettes are a no-no. Avoid these and, instead, aim for a plain and simple silhouette. Regular shorts, for example, are much more preferable compared to culottes when trying to add a preppy vibe into your spring look.clean and simple preppy spring look striped dress clean and simple spring outfit
  4. Inject checkered prints into your look – another really easy way to give your spring look a preppy twist is to wear something checkered. You can substitute your florals with checkered prints if you want or you can do a trendy outfit featuring two different prints for a stylish and chic look.checkered spring dress checkered top and pink shorts
  5. Wear a belt whenever possible – you’ll notice that preppy outfits are all about looking sharp and polished and one way to achieve that is to go the extra mile and accessorize with a belt. Wear a belt whenever possible and see your spring outfit get that preppy vibe.belted skirt and blazer belt on printed shorts and white top outfit
  6. Layer up – preppy styles thrive on layered looks so layer up whenever you can. A nice, light vest on top of a collared shirt and cute tights underneath a flouncy skirt are some of the most common combos that you can wear for a preppy look.layered preppy look layered cute preppy look zooey deschanel
  7. Look sharp – keep it clean and simple and go easy with the accessories. Take the minimalist approach whenever possible and never go overboard with anything.smart and chic preppy outfit for spring


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