7 Tips For Perfect Lips That Last All Day

Lush, full, Angelina Jolie-esque lips have been the envy of women for centuries. Since the time Eve made Adam partake of that famous apple, and after that, men and women have been able to fully understand and appreciate each other’s beauty, more so, us ladies! Aesthetics and the like, achieving beauty – anything and everything that has to do with it – we’ve been wired and even borderline obsessed with putting our best face forward, which I believe is wonderful. But doing these things for You, and not anyone else, is the love you deserve to give to yourself. From the perfect, clump free lashes to rosy cheeks and perfectly even cat liner, there are techniques and secrets that will get you poppin’ and on fleek without having to hire a professional to do it for you. But today, our main focus is on your puckers, and we have 7 tips for perfect lips that last all day, just for you!

5 tips to getting the perfect lips


Step 1: Balm, baby, balm!

lipbalm for perfect lips

Give your lips the lovin’ that they need! Applying lip balm on your lips is just s important as applying moisturizer on your face: mui importante! The balm provides moisture, sun protection (some balms come with SPF, how great is that?), smooths the skin, and depending on the formula you get; has a matte, sheer, or tinted finish. Applying lip balm before your other lip products will prevent flaking and will help the other products adhere better.

2. Conceal, don’t feel, don’t let it show~

perfect lips

Else knows what she’s singing about, but in this case, we’re taking about applying concealer onto your puckers and not her self deprecating predicament. (Oh, tongue twister). Taking a sponge or a clean ring finger, lightly apply concealer onto your lips, dabbing them on until it’s nice and blended. The concealer will not only help even out and act like the perfect canvas for us to paint on, but it will make your colors appear more vibrant and keep them lasting longer too!

3. Line ’em

line your pretty lips

Pick up a lip pencil in nice, cool, and neutral shades. Our go-to picks would be Mauve, Chocolate Brown, Nude, Dark Berry, and Brick Red shades. You’d want to match the color of your pencil with your lipstick, or find a similar shade that would do it justice. Darker shades always add more volume to your lips, making them appear fuller. Taking your pencil, line them around your lips. If you want a fuller look, you can line them just outside your natural lip curve, to add more dimension to it. Bring the color in from the corners of your lips all the way in. Your lip liner will keep the color from bleeding out the lines you drew on, and keep your lipstick in check.

4. Lipstick time!

tips to faking great lips

Apply that color like the glam star that you are. You’ll notice your lips looking so full and just so, so kissable. Refrain from kissing the mirror. You can also use a lip stick brush for a more precise application:

tips for great long lasting lips


5. Blot it like it’s hot

tips to great lips

We aren’t done just yet! Grab a ply of facial tissue and press between your lips like so. This should press the color in a little deeper, while wiping off the excess oil and product.

6. Don’t be shy, re-apply 

Re-apply your lipstick, adding more oomph.

7. Hold up a piece of tissue paper against your lips, and gently brush some loose powder on top of it

perfect long lasting lipstick trick

You read it yet. This last trick will set it for hours on end, sealing it in with the lasting power of loose powder, the very same product that keeps our foundation and concealer locked in. There you have it! 7 tips to getting perfect lips that last all day. Who knew lipstick was such a meticulous process? Now that you know the basics, experimenting with different shades and formulas is the best part! Here are other ways to pull off perfect lips:

Our favorite doe-eyed beauty Zooey Deschanel in a bright orange number:

cute lips

And the gorgeous Barbara Palvin in a dark berry shade that just looks so sexy:

sexy plum lips

Work those lips ladies! Have fun!


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