7 Timeless Pieces You Can Wear For All Seasons

There are clothes that can only be worn seasonally. There are clothes that only have a short time in the trends and becomes “unfashionable” shortly afterwards. And then there are pieces that we and our wardrobes simply can’t not lack of. These are timeless clothes and accessories the popularity of which does not seem to fade off so easily.

These are pieces women and men of many generations have loved and made part of their wardrobe. And with all these new trends that we are seeing this season, we have to be reminded of those timeless pieces that we can wear in every season. Here are 7 timeless pieces that you can wear for all seasons.

1. Denim pants

For many of us, denim pants has been part of our wardrobe ever since we could remember. It is a timeless classic, the popularity of which does not seem to go away any time soon. You could pair it with almost anything, even some dresses, and it will never go out of season. We have numerous silhouettes for denim pants but a good pair of straight cut denim pants could go a long way off.

denim pants

simple denim pants

2. White button-down shirt

Sometime in my teenage years, I didn’t have a white button-down shirt and I felt like I was missing out on something. Having a white button-down shirt is definitely a necessity in your wardrobe all year-round. Whatever style you may have, may it be modern grunge or preppy, it is something that you can wear with and even layered with any of your clothes or top.

white button down white shirt

3. Crewneck sweater

The crewneck sweater is definitely one of the most underestimated timeless pieces out there. We have probably taken for granted how amazingly versatile this basic top is. Because of how simple crewneck sweater is, it is often overlooked in the outfit that it is in. And not being the centerpiece of the outfit of the day suits well with the crewneck sweater since it is too much basic and versatile to be anything but a suporting piiece in the ensemble. Unless, of course, you’ve got something going on with your crewneck sweater like graphic prints and bold patterns.

black crewneck sweater crewneck sweater dark

4. Pencil skirt

If you think pencil skirts are only for the office, then think again and observe the women walking on the streets. Pencil skirts are no longer just for formal occasions. You can even wear them in a casual and everyday attire. There are a wide variety of pencil skirts at your disposal. And they range from different solid colored ones and classic to bold patterns.

pencil skirt pencil skirt green

5. Crossbody bag

Oh, yes. Having at least one crossbody bag is certainly a necessity for any fashionista out there. They are not only stylishly versatile but crossbody bags are also practical purses to bring when you do not intend to bring a lot, wherever you’re planning to go.

tan crossbody bag red crossbody bag

6. Black pumps

For teens, if you ever plan on buying your first ever stilettos or heels, I highly recommend buying  a pair of black pumps. It may not be your favorite purple or turquoise color but I promise you that it will look good on just about anything. For adults, having at least one pair of black pumps will be a really great wardrobe investment.

black pumpsblack heels

7. Oversized watches

Oversized watches inspired from menswear accessories will make your wrists and arms look softer and smaller. Also, they are just a great non-girly element to whatever outfit you will be having.

oversized watch menswear inspired watch

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