7 #Throwback Fashion Pieces you Need to Wear Today

What goes around always comes around, especially in fashion. Take a trendy trip back into time with these #throwback fashion pieces that are swell enough to wear today.

Popped Collars

Popped collars used to be all the rage in the 90’s. Although its popularity has died down, these collars are back with a vengeance. And why not? Popped collar tops are easy to wear with any kind of bottom, be it a skirt or trousers.
white popped collar

popped collar blouse

Shoulder-Padded Tops

Shoulder-padded tops were often worn by the old ones, but thanks to Lady Gaga, these items have become the world’s hottest throwback fashion pieces. With its vintage style, a shoulder-padded top is one you ought to wear whenever you are in the mood to turn heads.

olivia palermo shoulder pad topkim kardashian shoulder pad top


Overalls were once considered tacky, but these throwback fashion pieces have emerged as the hottest outfits for this year! In fact, everybody wears them – from the most popular celebrities to the chicest models. An appropriate alternative for denim pants or shorts, overalls are vintage wears that you can whenever you’re feeling youthful or playful.

denim romper denim overalls

Parachute Pants

The popularity of the Parachute pants can be attributed to the iconic MC Hammer. But even if he has dropped away from the music radar decades ago, his throwback fashion influences remain to be strong – up until now! In fact, these parachute pants have been the playful, non-restrictive alternatives to the usual trousers and jeans.

white parachute pants black parachute pants


Chokers were the hippest statement necklaces a few decades ago. Worn by virtually every girl in the planet, chokers were held in high regard as the ‘it’ jewelry of the 90’s. Though it has been erased from the fashion map, chokers have reemerged as the finest throwback fashion pieces you can wear today.

black choker necklace black choker

Fanny Packs

Fanny packs used to be laughed upon, but now it has become one of the best throwback fashion pieces to wear. After all, it allows you to bring your essentials – without straining your shoulders or your back. The key to pulling off this nostalgic look is to wear structured or tailored fanny packs, such as the ones below.

leather fanny pack colorful fanny pack

Scrunched Socks

Scrunched socks are reminiscent of the 90’s era – with cheerleaders wearing them during pep squad rallies. Although they have been ditched in favor of shorter (even longer) socks, scrunched socks are back as chic throwback fashion pieces. Wearable with any kind of shoe, scrunched socks can give your autumn outfit a priceless retro feel.

gray scrunched socks scrunched socks

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