7 Subtle Ways to Change Your Look from Day to Night

Daytime looks require something light and fresh while nighttime looks are more heavy and dramatic. You may have the perfect outfit that will take you from day to night ready, but you can still make your daytime looks nighttime appropriate. Since changing up your look from day to night is challenging, keep on reading to scoop some of our styling tricks.

  1. Wear statement accessories or haute couture jewelry.


fringed necklace with bright top and leather skirt haute couture earrings with all white outfit

Accessories sometimes steal the show, making it perfect for nighttime. Though an all-white outfit is commonly worn during daytime, you can actually make it perfect for night outs and evening parties by wearing glamorous jewelry with them. Like Micah Gianneli, simply opt for a metallic gold belt to make your daytime looks party-ready. If you feel gold is too much for you, a pair of haute couture or chandelier earrings and statement cuff may be great to spice up your all white outfit like Kristina Bazan did.

  1. Wrap a scarf around your neck for chilly nights.

mustard scarf with leather top and brown pants scarf with leather skirt and leopard print blouse

Scarves and shawls may be versatile from day to night, but they can be the perfect accessory for your night looks since it’s typically cozy and chilly on nighttime. Like fashion blogger Veronica Popoiacu, go for a shade of scarf that complements the color of your outfit, so it’ll look like an accessory that completes your overall look. Creative color combinations like black and white, brown and yellow, and gray with blue can be stylish enough to change your look.

  1. Trade your handbags to clutches or mini bags.

clutch with leopard print dress and fur vest envelope clutch with tank top and skirt clutch with orange pants and brown top

Tote bags, briefcase bags, and structured bags are known as office essentials especially if you’re a woman working in a corporate field. So, make your typical outfit perfect for the night by resorting to mini bags and clutches that look effortless yet chic. As long as it carries your nighttime essentials, it’s perfect for adding some glam to your outfits.

  1. Resort to a pair of leather trousers or leggings.

leather leggings with chiffon blouse leather pants with printed sweater

Trade your casual denim jeans with a pair of leather trousers or leggings perfect for nighttime. Edgy, effortless, and glamorous, leather add some laidback vibe to your overall looks while keeping you comfortable and chic. You can wear it from your girl’s night outs to casual walks in the city with friends.

  1. Add some bright colors to your daytime outfit.

orange blazer with polka dots top and casual pants yellow top with striped jacket and leather leggings red wool coat with casual outfit red culottes with peach top red band coat with statement skirt

If you’re not a fan of sparkling sequins or metallic shades, simply opt for bright colors to add some life to your daytime looks, making it perfect for nighttime. Bright colors may not be appropriate for daytime at all times, especially if you don’t want to blind someone wearing yellow-colored outfit in a sunny day, so make advantage of the night to make your brightly-colored pieces shine. Whether it’s a blazer, top, skirt, dress, or shoes, bright color will do the tricks for you.

  1. Top your daytime outfit with a coat, jacket, or vest.

leather jacket with casual outfit wool coat with cobalt blue outfit suede jacket with maxi dress structured coat with striped tee and loafers statement-vest-with-jeans-and-thigh-high-boots

Though versatile and classic, outerwear like coats, jackets, or vests are perfect to make your breezy, light, and airy daytime outfits night appropriate. Have delight in showing off your midriff on the day, but top it off with a statement vest when the night comes like Micah Gianneli did, creating a stylish yet appropriate look.

  1. Wear nighttime appropriate makeup.

statement purple lips lace blouse with animal print blazer burgundy lips

Enjoy your no makeup looks or even light blush with nude lips on your daytime to channel a romantic and feminine vibe. But, make it nighttime-appropriate by resorting to dark bold lips, eyeliner, and contoured cheekbones. If you feel red lips are too daring for you, explore the shades of burgundy and purple that can be perfect to make you standout in the crowd on your nighttime looks.

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