7 Statement Sleeves to Wear Now

Fashion has always been one of the most challenging industries to keep up with. There are trends that come about every so often that it often feels like it’s a race to see who’s the quickest to jump in on the bandwagon and make the look work. One trend in particular that has caught my eye are statement sleeves. They’re gorgeous and ingenious, especially for making a statement that’s fresh and fabulous. If you’re curious about what statement sleeves are, be sure to read on and find out more about them below.


  1. Bell sleeves – bell sleeves were pretty popular back in the 70s and they’re finally making a huge comeback today. If you’re looking for the easiest kind of statement sleeves to pull off, bell sleeves may just be what you are looking for. There are plenty of variations for this statement sleeve style so you’re free to choose which one to rock.bell sleeves chic
    bell sleeves outfit idea
  2. Cape sleeves – for something a little more posh and contemporary, you can wear cape sleeves. These are great if you are looking for statement sleeves that you can wear to work or with any business casual look. They’re also great for adding a fierce and sophisticated edge to your simple work wardrobe.cape style sleeve midi dress cape sleeve style
  3. Kimono sleeves – kimono sleeves are a little similar to cape sleeves but they’re more romantic and flowy compared to structured cape sleeves.These are perfect for injecting a touch of girly goodness to any look.kimono style top sleeve kimono style sleeve on white shirt
  4. Balloon sleeves – if you’re looking for a way to make a bigger and bolder statement with your sleeves, you might want to consider wearing a top or a dress that features balloon sleeves. These are amazing for those who want to wear statement sleeves but are in places with a weather where  pulling them off would be a challenge since they’re loose and are almost always usually made of cotton.puff sleeves red dress balloon sleeves and leather pants
  5. Off shoulder sleeves – off shoulder sleeves are so sexy despite not showing that much skin. It’s perfect for those of you out there who want something more flirty and playful. They look great on tops and on dresses, too, and they’re easy to pull off with any look.off shoulder by gigi hadid off shoulder romper party look
  6. Cold shoulder sleeves – one of the more contemporary statement sleeve trends that you’ll find today are cold shoulder sleeves. These are similar to off shoulder sleeves in the sense that they bare the shoulders but these leave you a little more covered up without taking away any of that sexy vibe.cold shoulder dress with ruffles cold shoulder knitted turtleneck top
  7. Extra long sleeves – out-of-proportion looks are pretty popular these days and sleeves are no exemption. This winter, extra long sleeves are making their way to the fashion spotlight, and for good reason. Aside from keeping your hands extra warm, extra long sleeves add that effortless vibe to your look.extra long sleevesextra long sleeves winter top


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