7 Statement Earrings to Match Your Holiday Looks

They may be small but earrings can definitely make or break your look so it’s important to choose carefully when planning an outfit. Statement earrings are the perfect way to make a simple outfit look bold and stylish, but not everyone is courageous enough to rock a pair. If you’re looking for inspiration, check out these statement earrings that will match your holiday looks perfectly.


Teardrop Hoopsteardrop earrings double hoop

If you feel that the classic hoop earrings are a bit too casual for the look you’re planning, you can take the more sophisticated route with these teardrop hoop earrings. They’re not too big, nor too flashy but they’re still bold enough to make a statement.


Metal Geometrygeometric metal earrings geometric earrings geometric circle and stick earrings

Sleek, chic, and classy – that’s how I would describe the perfect statement earrings to go with an outfit that needs something minimal but bold. These geometrical earrings made from metal featuring various shapes and sizes are the perfect accessories for minimalists who want just a little bit more.


Chainlink Earringschain hoop luxe earrings chain link earrings

These seem really heavy but I’ve seen a lot in shops that are actually really light so they don’t tear your ears off. These are perfect for those who want to add a hint of bondage-y sexiness to their outfit without going over the top.


I’m a Fanfan shape tassel earrings look fan tassel earrings in black

I am a fan of fan statement earrings. I think their shape looks perfect when worn either on the side of your ears (think fan-shaped cuffs) or under them. They come in a lot of styles, too, which makes them really versatile


Leave it to the Leavesleaf shaped earrings in gold leaf shape earrings in lace

There’s something about leaves that makes them such an interesting addition to just about anything, and that includes earring styles. Cascasing drop earrings in the shape of leaves, dainty leaf studs, jumbo leaf earrings — all these are perfect for those looking for something simple but fun.


Beads and Tassels

beads earrings drop down

Whether together or on their own, beads and tassels are the OG when it comes to statement earrings. You can DIY your own pair with just these two (save for the actual earring, of course) or you can add even more elements to make yours really bold. Here are some inspo:


Chic Faux Cuffsdesi perkins ear cuffs bling ear cuffs stars and pearls

Love the look of ear cuffs but too scared to get another piercing? Don’t worry; there are plenty of faux ear cuffs that you only need to clip on to get the look. These come in just as many, if not more, styles as the real ones and they’re perfect for adding an edgy vibe to your look, too.



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