7 Signs Your Shopping Habits Are Unhealthy

While most of us aren’t necessarily addicted to shopping, there is a chance our buying behavior could be considered unhealthy for our bank account, our personal space, or even our mental well-being. So, keep on reading for the 7 signs your shopping habits are unhealthy and deal with it wisely.

  1. You buy the same thing over and over.

grunge winter outfit

striped double breasted blazer with jeans

Even though we all have our fashion taste and we gravitate toward the same types of items when we shop, buying the same thing over and over again isn’t a healthy habit. If you find yourself quite literally buying a new structured blazer every single time you shop, it might be time to cut back. Remember, the more you own, the less you wear that means you’re not maximizing your clothes. If you really wish for a new blazer, take all the versions you own out first and toss them so you can take some time to hunt down the perfect one for you.

  1. You don’t love the item, but you love the label.

colorful fur coat with grunge outfit cozy fall coat with grunge scarf

Most designer items are beautiful and are meant to be coveted, but if you’re buying simply for a label and the item isn’t really your taste, that’s a tricky decision. You must channel your personality through the clothes and accessories you’re wearing, not to show how valuable or even pricey your things are.

  1. You don’t know what you have.

pastel pink dress pants and coat

If you don’t know what’s in your closet, you’ll only buy things that you already have or ones that won’t work with the pieces you already own. Buying things, taking them home, and forgetting about them, can be a bad habit and you’ll find out that you bought the exact same thing a month later. If you find yourself doing this often, take an entire day and purge your closet. Remember, knowing what you have is the key to always having something to wear, and not spending senseless money.

  1. You splurge on expensive things, and buy a lot of cheaper versions.

biker coat with jeans and chic bag briefcase bag with modern chic outfit

When it comes to spending on an investment piece, you might want to think about whether you’re still going to want other items in the same fashion family. For instance, if you buy yourself a $2,500 designer bag, do you see yourself not buying any other bags no matter how cheap or trendy they are? If you’re a woman you wishes to have a collection of bags, shoes, jeans, blazers, or coats, maybe buying a pricey one isn’t the right move.

  1. You pay for everything with a credit card.

ripped jeans with blazer and white top tank top with ripped jeans

It’s very easy to lose track of what you’re spending when you put everything on your credit card. It might seem harmless at the moment, until you can pay them on time without sacrificing your priorities. If you’re looking to build your credit, buy one small thing a month and pay your bill on time. For impulsive shopping trips, use your debit card or pay cash as you wouldn’t swipe knowing there’s not enough in your account.

  1. You buy items that might cause problems for you down the line.

pastel blue bag with chic blazer and oxford shirtdress with skirt and bag

It can be extremely unhealthy to start buying things that set you back far enough that your phone bill, rent, or loan payments won’t be met this month. If so, it’s a good idea to let them be for now, and start saving a little every month so you can eventually buy them guilt-free.

  1. You buy for mundane occasions.

red dress with ankle strap sandals

If you’ll use literally any excuse to shop like a casual dinner for an old friend, your shopping habit is unhealthy. It might be great to spend a little more for a gown for a black-tie wedding or a dress for the first date, but a casual happy hour with co-workers on Thursday won’t be a good reason to buy a new outfit. By considering these things, you’ll be able to be mindful on your shopping habits so that you won’t drain your wallet mindlessly.

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