7 Signs You Are In Need of a New Wardrobe

Shopping your closet may be a budget-friendly task to extend your clothes, but sometimes you really need a refresh to get a great style. Whether you’re in a style slump or desperate need of a new wardrobe, keep on reading for the 7 signs you are in need of a new wardrobe.

  1. Those “I have nothing to wear” moments are happening frequently.

yellow coat with sporty outfit

animal print leggings with casual top

Even thought you have a closet full of amazing clothes, there are still moments you would wake up that “You have nothing to wear”. If you often spend all of the time and energy by whining every time you go to get dressed, it’s time to get yourself a new wardrobe. It’s totally worth the investment than living every day in the clothes you don’t love to wear.

  1. Your closet is quantity over quality.

checkered coat with dress and tights winter coat with boots

Many women have closets that are spilling over with fast fashion purchases from the past 5 years. Remember, fast fashion may be cheap yet trendy, but still not in a good quality. If you find that your closest is lacking quality, then it might be time for an upgrade. Like fashion blogger Flavia Linden, you may go for a checkered coat that look creative at the same time classy that will go well to any of your outfits.

  1. You don’t feel like yourself in your clothes.

casual travel outfit

If your lifestyle and personal preferences change, you clothes must too. If you are now the big boss at work but you are still wearing your clothes from back when you are a newbie, then you probably don’t feel like yourself in your wardrobe. Remember, taking care of your outward appearance can change your current state of affairs. So, dress the part or even dress for next role you’d like to play in life.

  1. You can’t remember the last time you went shopping.

all red outfit with boots lace top with checkered skirt and boots

Just by looking at your wardrobe, you can tell exactly when you stopped shopping for yourself. If you honestly can’t remember the last time you purchased a new piece of clothing, then it might be time for an upgrade.

  1. Finding clothing that actually fits in your closet is a challenge.

off shoulder navy dress with ankle strap sandals

Another common problem that women face is not wearing clothing that fits. Remember, your clothes must fit your current body, so there’s no reason to stuff yourself into clothing that doesn’t fit. If you’ve lost some weight, get new clothes as a reward for your hard work or visit your tailor.

  1. Getting dressed is a chore.

camel sweater with leather trousers checkered coat with winter outfit

Remember, fashion is supposed to be fun. When you look great, you feel great. So, if getting dressed in the morning feels like a chore,  make a change and get some items that make you feel excited each and every morning.

  1. The comments you receive about your clothes aren’t compliments.

gray winter outfit with hat cowgirl outfit with beanie

Flattering comments about your clothes can make you feel good. However, if the comments you’re receiving aren’t compliments, it’s time to get a new wardrobe. Just read between the lines and try not to take the jokes personal because your friends are simply trying to help you look better. By taking these things into consideration, you’ll be able to reevaluate your wardrobe and get a new one.

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