7 Hot Festival Hairstyles

Coachella has started and a few other festivals are lined up: are you ready? I’m sure many of you have already planned their outfits for these fun festivals but what about your hair? The hairstyle you wear with your festival outfits can help take your look to the next level and make you a contender for the best dressed festival attendee so it would be wise to put a lot of thought into that. Here are some festival hairstyles that will help you complete your look.

  1. Pigtails – thanks to Khloe Kardashian, pigtails are so back and they’re one of the best hairstyles you can sport for the festivals to come. Whether you do them with French braids, fishtails, rope braids, or any other braid style, this hairstyle is sure to keep you cool and complete your festival look.pigtail rope braids
    pigtail braids on khloe pigtails with hair jewelry
  2. Beach waves and flower crowns – if you’re not a big fan of doing fancy stuff to your hair but you still want it to look nice for the festival, the least you can do is create textured beach waves and top it off with a cute flower crown.beach waves and flower crowns
  3. The edgy bun – this cool take on the half bun is the perfect hairstyle to sport if you’re planning on doing a non-Boho look for the festival.edgy bun
  4. Rainbow bun – here’s another really interesting take on the half bun. For those of you who are sporting rainbow locks, this is also the perfect way to show off those colors. Create a messy half top bun and finish off the look with mini braids on the side.rainbow bun
  5. Crazy double buns – Minnie Mouse buns, double buns, Chun Li / Chinese buns – however you call them, you know you’ll be seeing more of them at the festivals this year. IF you’re planning on wearing your hair like this, why not make it as crazy cute as possible by doing the glitter roots trend along with it? Check out the pics below to see how awesome it would be.glitter roots minnie buns
  6. Braided faux hawk – if you want to add an edgy element to your otherwise laidback and relaxed Boho festival look, try doing a braided faux hawk. There are a number of varieties that you’ll find of this hairstyle on the internet, too, so finding a style you like shouldn’t be too hard.half up faux hawk faux hawk selena gomezside swept messy fishtail braid
  7. Side swept messy fishtail braid – here’s a really chic look that you can sport to the festivals. This side swept messy fishtail braid is an easy hairstyle that will go really well with any look, especially Boho ones.side swept messy fishtail braid


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