7 Easy to do Hairstyle Ideas

Want to create a new look without chopping your locks or changing your hair color? Be able to do so with these easy to do hairstyle ideas.

Messy Braid

One of the best easy to do hairstyles this spring is the messy braid. Unlike other styles, this is all about randomness and imperfections. As the name suggests, there is no need for taming hair products because it’s “the messier, the better!” Wearable wherever, this hairstyle can help you achieve a boho, Coachella-girl look.

messy braid

messy braid hair

Hairline Braid

Another one of the easy to do hairstyles that feature braids is the hairline braid. This soft, lovely look does not require the assistance of a friend – as you can do it by yourself. Leave the rest of your hair as it is – or tie it in a pony – the choices are endless with this hairstyle!

hairline braid hairline braid style

Half Up, Half Down

Looking for easy to do hairstyles that you can take from day to night? Then consider the half up, half down ‘do, as seen on model Alessandra Ambrosio. All you need to do is take the top half of your hair and secure it with a pretty barette.

half up half down

Another variation is that of Rita Ora’s, wherein the half up is higher than usual. Keep the other strands sleek for a formal event-worthy look.

half up half down hair

Side Pony

Want to try new yet easy to do hairstyles for your medium or long-length hair? Then go for a side pony, as seen on the lovely Jessica Alba. While you can always secure your hair with a cute ponytail holder, you can try wrapping your hair around the strands for an au naturel look.

side pony side pony style

Curly Pony

Another one of the easy to do hairstyles that feature the iconic pony is the curly pony. As the name suggests, all you need to do is curl the strands hanging from your pony. Remember to ditch the hairspray for more natural curls.

curly pony hair curly pony

Sleek Hairstyle

Nothing compares to polished yet easy to do hairstyles. Perfect for work or for a glamorous dinner, a sleek hairstyle can be achieved by flat ironing your hair – and applying gel at the mid and end lengths.

sleek hair emma watson sleek hair

Short-Length Low Pony

Are you tired of the usual short hair look? Then one of the easy to do hairstyles that you will definitely enjoy is the short-length low pony.  As seen on Rooney Mara, the best way to manage short stray hairs is to apply flyaway tamer on said strands.

low pony low pony hairstyle

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