7 Easy Fixes for Common Wardrobe Blunders

Looking fashion-forward on your everyday style involves being free from wardrobe blunders. There are easy fixes for common wardrobe blunders that you might want to learn so you’ll make your dressing routines less stressful.

Problem #1: Cropped Pants with Boots

boots and jeans with sweater

fur coat with acid washed gray jeans and knee boots burgundy scarf and boots with gray jeans

Though capri pants were considered a summer-only staple, are now available in thicker, fall-friendly fabrics, such as wool and tweed. However, don’t wear them with your ankle boots as lower boots paired with cropped pants only looks dowdy, since they break up your silhouette. Instead, opt for tall or high boots that completely cover the calves and a few inches of skin underneath the pants has a more elongating effect even you go for different shades on your boots and pants like fashion bloggers always do.

Problem #2: Incorrectly Hemmed Jeans

cuffed jeans with printed off shoulder top frayed jeans with winter coat cuffed jeans with white top

If you’re petite or short legged woman, you may find jeans longer to fit your frame. However, don’t cut off the extra length and at the same time lose the nice crisp hemline. Instead, go for a good tailor that can preserve the original hem. Or, cuff your jeans in a stylish way so you’ll make it stylish and functional for you. Also, fraying your hemlines can be a stylish option to keep you fashionable.

Problem #3: A Bare Midriff

all black outfit with trench coat jogger pants with tank top denim romper with white top

Pants rises and tops can conceal your exposed midriff as long as you know the perfect combinations on your items. When wearing low-rise denim jeans, opt for a long top. On the other hand, high-waist joggers can be great for crop tops. Instead of going for a pair of denim shorts, think of a denim romper or shortalls so you can wear them with your favorite tees.

Problem #4: Unopened Vent

pea coat with urban outfit trench coat with patent leather trousers trench coat with casual chic outfit

When wearing jackets, blazers, and skirts, don’t forget to snip the string on the vents once you bring your item home from the store. Besides being a potential source of embarrassment, a tacked-together vent may also increase your chances of ripping your garment when you take a large step or reach for something on the top pantry shelf.

Problem #5: Peekaboo Lingerie

black sweater with jeans wool coat with socks with shoes chunky sweater with camo pants and coat

White underwear may seem demure over red lace ones, but it’s unflattering when worn under white clothing. Though wearing black underwear with your black outfit may seem great, going for a bra that is close to your skin tone is universally flattering.

Problem #6: A Gaping Blouse

military blouse with dark jeans white blouse with military coat shirt with jeans and tied jacket

You don’t want your coworkers staring at your chest, waiting for a button to pop off onto the conference table. So, avoid the scenario, by sewing a small piece of Velcro between the buttons or use a piece of double-stick tape. This way, your shirt will stay flush against your skin and buttons will remain attached.

Problem #7: Visible Panty Line

wide leg trousers with sweater printed dress with coat off shoulder top with chic pants

A visible panty line draws attention to your backside. Panties are more demure and chic, and they are also a lot more comfortable so don’t assume a lifetime of wearing thongs is your only option. Instead, go for seamless underwear to prevent them from cutting into your skin. If you wish to wear white trousers, opt for a looser fit to avoid hugging your curves. You may also wear a printed outfit to draw attention away from your back, or wear darker colors, as well as a topper like a coat or long vest. By taking these things into consideration, you’ll save yourself from wardrobe blunders and have a carefree style.

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