7 Early Fall Fashion Essentials You Must Have

There is that period between summer and fall where the weather just seems perfect. It’s not sweltering hot outside and the time hasn’t arrived just yet where a heavy coat is needed. So, it’s smart to have the 6 early fall fashion essentials on hand that can take you through to cold weather.

  1. Blazers

black blazer with silk palazzo pants

blazer with edgy outfit

If there was a piece you can live without the early fall it would be a classic blazer. You may go for a more casual style that works well with jeans and miniskirts, but a classic boyfriend blazer may be great to add some polish to your office outfits. If you have a lot of black outfits in your closet, gray, camel, or even a colorful style, might be the best choice.

  1. Leather Skirt or Shorts

leather pencil skirt with nude top leather shorts with white top

Leather trousers may be too heavy in early fall, so wear leather skirts or shorts that will keep you cool and chic. Wearing bodysuits with fitted leather skirts are great as you can still match them with leopard print sandals, as well as wearing your classic shirts with leather shorts.

  1. Military Dress

edgy military dress with black bag safari inspired military dress

If summer is all about free-flowing maxi dresses, fall is the season for edgy military dresses. Just make them look chic with a pair of wedge sandals or make them look edgier with a pair of clogs or edgy boots. You may even go for heavier fabrics that you can wear beyond the season.

  1. Lightweight Coat or Cardigan

lightweight coat with casual outfit lightweight coat with fall outfit

There will likely be some cases where you need some coverage but a blazer will be too structured. These times make cardigans and lightweight coats perfect. Just consider some neutral colored toppers, along with a few colorful ones coordinate with the color palette of your wardrobe, and wear them over your summer pieces to bring them into early fall.

  1. Peep-toe Boots

peep toe boots with silk dress peep toe shoes with shirtdress

When the weather is too cool for strappy sandals and not cold enough for ankle boots, peep toes are perfect early fall fashion essentials.  There are different types peep toe boots out there that can go well with your weekend looks, as well as structured ones perfect for work. All you have to do is choose which styles are right for you and go for a versatile color that will go well with anything.

  1. Lightweight top with Miniskirt

bell sleeved top with button front miniskirt embroidered miniskirt with chic top

Early fall is a perfect time to wear your lightweight tops teamed with miniskirts. Bell sleeved tops teamed with button-front skirts are trendy and bohemian-inspired that you may go for, though sheer summer tops can still be teamed with miniskirts in heavier fabric.

  1. Chic Hat

hat with cut out top and black skirt black hat with white dress and gray coat

Summer is not only the season for chic hats. However, it’s time to trade your woven straw hats with velvet or heavier ones that will keep you chic and season-appropriate. These early fall fashion essentials may already be in your closet, but now is the time to check in on them and make sure they are ready just in case you need them.

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