7 Cool Aviators to Wear Now

One of the biggest trends in accessories right now are aviator glasses. If you’re someone who can’t leave the house without her sunnies on, I’m sure you already have a pair or two of aviators glasses along with a few others in your collection. Sunglasses, in general, are not only stylish but they’re very useful as well. The can help protect your eyes from the bright sun and some can even help block out harmful rays away from your eyes. If you’re looking for something to add to your collection, check out these cool aviators to wear now.

  1. Clear lens aviators – while they’re technically not sunglasses, these clear lens glasses are still great ones to add to your collection. These are perfect for those days when you just want to look a little extra smart, maybe even a bit nerdy.clear lens aviator glasses cool look
    clear lens aviators
  2. Mirrored aviators – mirrored sunglasses are a big trend in accessories today, and if you’re looking for something that can give you that ultra chic vibe, a pair of mirrored aviators might just be what you need. These are great with spring and summer outfits. They also come in a variety of different colors.gilded gold sunglasses gilded gold sunglasses
  3. Gilded aviators – mirrored aviators not shiny enough for your liking? Then perhaps a pair of gilded ones could satisfy your hankering for all things shiny and splendid. Gold gilded glasses, especially, are great for injecting that street style star swag into your look.gilded in gold desi perkins high key sunglasses gilded gold sunglasses
  4. Rose gold aviators – whether it’s the lens, the frame, or both that’s in rose gold, there’s no denying that aviators in this color are pretty much impossible to resist. Actually, anything rosegold is challenging to resist. If you love rosegold, a pair of rosegold aviators are a must have in your collection.retro tinted aviatorsretro tinted aviators
  5. Retro aviators – if you’re not the kind to jump in on bandwagons, though, and you’re not going gaga for the mirrored and gilded kind, then maybe retro aviators would be more your style. These are the ones with lightly tinted lenses and very thin metal frames.retro flat aviator retro tinted aviators
  6. Cat eye aviators – the aviator style in sunglasses are universally flattering already, but if you’re more comfortable with the cat eye style and you still want to rock a pair of avi’s then cat eye aviators are the perfect sunglasses for you.cat eye rihanna sunglasses cat eye gold aviator
  7. Oversize aviators – as if aviators aren’t already big enough, another trend that we’re seeing in accessories are oversized sunglasses. Oversized sunnies in general are great for people who are not sure about which frame styles suit their face shape.oversized mirrored aviator



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