7 Chic Ways to Wear Camel-Colored Pieces

The color that makes everything look more expensive, camel is the new black dominating the fashion ensembles from dresses, coats, skirts, and even bags. Something about this classic neutral shade brings a luxe feel to any piece, no matter the price point. As a bonus, it goes well with nearly every other color. Keep on reading for our 7 chic ways to wear camel on your street style and make your outfits look much more expensive than they really are.

  1. Camel Coats and Capes

camel brown coat with gray pants and boots

camel cape with black leggings camel coat with burgundy outfit camel vest with collared dress camel fur coat with jeans camel coat with striped top and straight leg pants camel coat with pastel outfit

There’s a reason why camel is the signature shade of the perennially chic trench coat. Camel-colored pieces add instant luxury to your style. In the early 1900s, camel hair became a beloved fabric among the Edwardian era dressmakers and it made its way to the U.S. in the 1920s for where a camel hair coat was worn by players in-between matches. Since then, it has weaved itself in and out of the preferred color as an understated luxury. Starting with a camel cape or coat can polish your casual outfits and even formal outfits even more. It’s a recyclable look that will never go out of style as you can wear it over a striped top and jeans one day, then over a feminine dress the next. Burgundy outfits will bring the elegant color of the camel while pastel outfits will make your looks more complementing and stylish.

  1. Camel Sweater

camel brown sweater with jogger pants camel brown top with boots and jeans camel sweater with black cape and white jeans camel sweater with leather gloves and skinny pants camel sweater with leopard print skirt

An easy way to upgrade the traditional morning sweater-over-a-button-down-shirt look is by swapping out the aforementioned knitwear for a camel colored number. You can even wear your camel sweater with a pair of chic jogger pants, leopard print skirt, winter capes, white jeans, and even black skinny jeans. In fact, it will fit seamlessly into just about everything you already own. Like fashion blogger Kristina Bazan, go for a camel colored sweater to wear with your jogger pants to wear the sporty trend while keeping chic on your street style.

  1. Camel Skirts

camel maxi skirt with chic top camel skirt with sneakers and turtleneck

Tired of wearing your black skirts on your street looks? Then trade them for camel-colored skirts that still look versatile and elegant. Like fashion blogger Kristina Bazan, go for a camel skirt in maxi length to pair with your knitted sweater. Just polish your outfit with a floppy hat and leopard print clutch. Camel skirts can also be great for your sporty chic style. Just go for a knitted turtleneck and a pair of canvas sneakers then you’re good to go.

  1. Camel Trousers and Shorts

camel pants with gray shirt camel pants with peach top and jacket camel shorts with cobalt blue top

Diversify your bottom half with a pair of camel shorts or trousers. You may freshen up your pants selection with a pair of corduroys, which have fought their way back from an acid trip in the ’60s thanks to an updated silhouette. Just be careful picking the camel shade that’s too light resembling your skin tone as it won’t look flattering enough for your pair of shorts and trousers. Instead, go for a darker shade of camel that looks more flattering and elegant.

  1. Camel Dresses

camel dress with belt

The inherently “luxurious” vibe of the hue makes it an ideal design match for feminine dresses. Just go for style that flatters your figure and skip light shade of camel resembling your skin tone, especially in a body fitting style. Better opt for voluminous, fit-an-flare, or ruffled styles of dresses that look more elegant and chic.

  1. Camel Bags, Shoes, and Hats

camel bag and shoes with white dress camel bag with black dress and coat camel sandals with winter outfit

Camel bag, shoes, and hats look versatile and elegant to match any color of your outfits whether it’s pastel, dark, or neon. Navy and burgundy will bring out the richness of camel, while black, white, and gray will play up the “understated luxury” aspect. Brown is an elegant yet simple color that can be great to team with metallic silver to tame its shiny properties and black to neutralize its dark shade.

  1. Head-to-toe Camel Outfit

leopard print sweater with striped skirt camel pants with brown top head to toe camel outfit camel outfit with bowler hat camel colored hat with trench coat

A monochromatic dressing may seem boring to some, but it’s actually a timeless way of looking chic and fashionable. Like fashion blogger Kristina Bazan, you may think of wearing different shades of camel in your outfit to create some interest to your look or contrast different fabric textures like leather, wool, cotton, and tweed to create depth. Indeed, camel is a must-have color in your wardrobe to create a chic and sophisticated street style.

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