7 Chic Ways to Style Your Patent Skirts

Eye-catching and statement-making, glossy patent skirts are hugely popular right now adding a glamorous twist to classically feminine silhouettes. Though patent skirts have a reputation for being on the risqué side of things, keep on reading for some chic ways to style your patent skirts.

  1. Simple and Plain Tops

patent leather skirt with chic top

patent skirt with lightweight top

Since patent skirts have a glossy and shiny feel, they can be a great pair to dress up your most basic and simple pieces whether it’s a turtleneck, lightweight top, neutral colored top, or classic top. Like fashion blogger Kristina Bazan, you may go for a neutral colored top that complements the color of your patent skirt making it the statement piece of the outfit. Or, like Alexa Chung style, pair the color of your top with the color of your patent skirt to make it look coordinated and polished.

  1. Knitted Tops

blue patent leather skirt with knitted top collared top with patent leather skirt knitted top with patent skirt and coat knitted turtleneck with patent skirt orange patent leather skirt with knitted top sporty chic outfit sweater with pencil skirt

To add a great contrast on glossy finish of your skirt, opt for knitted tops whether it’s a knitted sweater, knitted crop top, knitted turtleneck, or even off shoulder knitwear. Burgundy color will go best in black or white shade while orange and other pastel colors go best with gray. Also, dressing in monochrome outfit with light blue knitted top with a light blue patent skirt is great for looking fabulous and interesting.

  1. Lace and Sheer Tops

lace top with patent skirt sheer top with patent skirt lace graphic top with patent skirt

If you’re not a fan of knits or heavy fabrics, go for lace tops and sheer tops that are lightweight and at the same time sexy depending on how you’re going to wear them. Also, they are great for giving a good contrast with the glossy finish of your patent skirt. Yellow lace top with a black patent skirt will give a great contrast for your outfit while highlighting the lace intricate designs. Just opt for softer colors if you wish for a more feminine and innocent vibe.

  1. Button-down Shirts

chic top with patent leather skirt shirt with patent leather skirt

If you think button-down shirts are too corporate or classic, pair them with patent skirts to make them look trendy. Go for ones with stripes or dots to add some dimension to your outfit making them look intentional. Be creative styling them with your skirt whether going for an “untucked look” or “half-tucked” look on your shirts.

  1. Colorful Tops

graphic top with patent leather skirt quirky print shirt with patent skirt tribal print crop top with patent leather

To add a pop of color to your outfit, go for colorful prints on your tops whether it’s a graphic shirt, crop top, button down-shirt, off shoulder tops and even asymmetric tops. Go for colorful tribal prints, floral prints, quirky prints, or any prints that will show off your personality and a great sense of style. Black patent skirt and other dark shades are great for serving a good backdrop to your colorful tops.

  1. Crop Tops

crop top with patent full skirt cropped sweater with high waist patent skirt patent leather skirt with funky blouse

Whether fitted or loose-fitting, crop tops are great to show off your sexy side without revealing too much skin. For a conservative, but sexy look, opt for a cropped sweater and pair it with a high-waist patent skirt instead of a mid-rise one.

  1. Blazers and Jackets

structured blazer with patent skirt dark patent leather skirt with fur blazer brocade jacket with patent skirt

Blazer and jackets are one of the most stylish outerwear options to dress up or dress down your outfit. If you wish for a chic look, opt for structured blazers with lapels, polished buttons, puffed sleeves, or even those in tweed or fur textile. On the other hand, denim jacket, bomber jacket, varsity jackets and such can make your patent skirt look cooler and more trendy perfect for a street style look.

Whatever style you want, patent skirts definitely suit yours. Just be creative styling them with your top to get that desired look looking fabulous with a bit of personality.

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