6 Wearable Trends You’ll Love This Year

Fashionistas may not look it, but they have it hard. Imagine keeping up with every single trend without losing their signature style and also trying to own the trend that works for them. Every now and then, we come across trends that make us wonder if people would actually wear it in real life. If you’re anything like me, you despise those trends and wish them away. Here, we’ll be looking at the most wearable trends you’ll love this year.


Renaissance Romancemodern romantic renaissance dress outfit
sheer floral top romantic casual look short and sweet dress romantic renessaince inspired

This year it’s all about romantic renaissance-inspired pieces. Dresses with dainty floral prints, corseted waists, and billowy sleeves are already all over the runways, so you can expect to see more of them as soon as spring comes along.


Lovely Lavendermaxi lavender skirt dusty lavender romper floral lavender dress

Pastel colors are always a joy to wear, especially when you’re the kind who loves coming up with looks that are soft, feminine, and dainty. Ultraviolet may be the color of the year, but a lot of fashionistas are sticking with it’s paler and much more delicate counterpart, lavender. Anything from lavender shoes, outerwear, and accessories, to hair, nail color, and makeup are getting a lavender wash.


Daytime Sparkledaytime glam outfit sequined tank top for daytime casual look

Gone are the days when outfits that sparkled and shined were reserved for fun nights out partying and getting your shimmer on. With more fashionistas making bolder outfit choices, it seems like daytime sparkle will be one of the biggest fashion hits of the year. Get ready to break out your metallic pants and sequined tops, it’s your time to shine!


Utilitarian Upgradejumpsuit outfit with utilitarian vibe utilitarian look with lv fanny pack utilitarian outfit with feminine pieces

If you’re not the girly-girl type of fashion lover, don’t worry. Not everything will be covered in lace and flowers this year. In fact, one of the trends that we’re looking forward to wearing is the utilitarian upgrade on pieces like jumpsuits, overalls, and rompers. Think baggy leather and denim pieces dressed up with flirty accessories or dressed down with basic ones. This trend is perfect for those who want to achieve more of a neutral yet edgy vibe in their look.


High-waisted Bottomsstriped pants outfit high waisted high waisted pants outfit high waisted jeans and off shoulder top

Looking for a way to make your outfit look a bit sexier without necessarily showing some skin? High-waisted bottoms are, yet again, coming to the rescue. Waist-cinched bottoms perched higher up than usual make a great statement in the office, but are more than welcome to be worn and seen on street style looks, too.


The Trench Trendfloral print trench coat girly trench with statement sleeves brown sleeveless trench coat outfit for spring and summer

If you’ve always loved the sleek, chic, and sophisticated vibe you get from trench coats, you’ll fall in love with what’s about to come this year: trench-style outerwear! No matter the season, a more contemporary trench style outerwear await. Think sleeveless trench coats for summer, frilly, ruffled ones for spring, velvet for fall, and upgraded classics in the winter. If that’s not enough to get you up and running to the nearest boutique, I don’t know what will.



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