6 Ways to Wear Tie-Dye

Tie dye is such a fun print to wear, especially for spring and summer when you want to add a splash of color to your look all the time to brighten it up and give it a livelier vibe. If you’re on a budget, you can DIY your own tie dye creation with old pieces that you barely get to wear. If you’re looking for a more intricate tie dye pattern, though, you can run to your favorite store for a cute and stylish tie dyed piece to wear on any day. Here are a few ways to wear tie dye for the season.

  1. Pastel – pastel tie dyes are perfect if you want a softer and more girly look added to your outfit. Pastel tie dye designs also give off more of that marbled water color effect so if that’s the look you’re going for then this is the perfect tie dye for you.pastel tie dye maxi dress
    pastel tie dye mesh cover up shirt
  2. Marble style – marble tie dye is really simple but it’s also very chic and sophisticated. If you want more of a minimalistic approach to wearing tie dye then this is the style that you will want to go for. Marble style tie-dye is also perfect for when you don’t want too much color injected into your look but still want the tie dye print texture in.marble black and white tie dye marble tie dye dress
  3. Tie Dye Maxi Dress – for a really cool and casual, Boho-inspired spring and summer look, why don’t you try slipping into a cute tie dye maxi dress? Pair it up with chic flats for a completely laidback vibe or with boots for an edgier spring / summer outfit.maxi dress with tie dye print maxi marble dress
  4. Color Block Tie Dye Ombre – if you think curly, swirly, and abstract patterns are the only ones that you can create using the tie dye technique, think again! Color block tie dye ombre is another tie dye style that’s perfect for spring and summer because it lets you wear bright and vibrant colors without taking it over the top.ombre tie dye fringe dress ombre tie dye top
  5. Tie Dye Bikini – why stick to plain and boring colors when you can wear tie dye? Tie dye bikinis are great for spring and summer because they add so much color to your look and helps to really bring out that spring / summery vibe about. It makes a great statement, too, and is perfect if you want to stand out.bikini colorful tie dye bikini sexy tie dye
  6. Anchored down with neutrals – if you feel like the tie dye pattern is a bit much, you can always tame it down by pairing your tie dye pieces with a solid neutral. This creates a balance in your look that helps you keep it chic and stylish instead of tasteless and tacky.neutral coat and tie dye pants neutrals and tie dye sporty outfit



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