6 Ways to Wear Eco-Friendly Fashion

When moving to an environmentally-friendly lifestyle, one of the key elements to consider is fashion. So, keep on reading for the 6 ways to wear eco-friendly fashion without breaking the bank.

  1. Go faux.

fur coat with casual outfit

edgy jacket with sneakers coat with casual outfit

Think of faux fur coats and leather coats that will not harm millions of animals every year and won’t contribute to environment devastation. In addition, finished fur is treated with a cocktail of chemicals, like formaldehyde and bleaching agents that are toxic to humans. So be mindful of your labels.

  1. Invest in timeless pieces that you can wear many times.

baseball cap with white dress pink dress with leather jacket leather jacket with eyelet dress

Investing in a piece which you can wear a multitude number of times could be a step towards an environmentally friendly attitude. The more you take care of your timeless pieces, the longer they’ll last so you’ll lessen consumption and waste. If you buy a new pair of shoes, maximize their life by taking them to a shoe repair shop to add on heel covers, so you won’t damage the bottom of your shoes. Same goes for broken heels, cuts, holes, and fades.

  1. Know your fabrics.

breezy white outfit off shoulder outfit with hat chic summer outfit with hat

Eco-friendly clothing is made from eco-friendly fabric fibers. You may go for two types of eco-friendly fabric like natural organic fibers and recycled fibers. Natural fibers are non-petroleum based but are instead plant or animal fiber based. Examples of plant based natural fibers include cotton, hemp, bamboo and soy while animal-based natural fibers include wool, silk, and cashmere. For cool and breathable fabric, opt for cotton as it’s good for the skin and breathes really well. On the other hand, recycled fibers could be natural or plastic in nature. So, before you shop, it’s best to know the ins and outs of each.

  1. Recycle your clothes between seasons.

fur vest with fall outfit and boots suede jacket with white culottes purple coat with boots

Express your own style while saving both money and the planet by recycling your clothes between seasons. Think of your chic toppers like faux fur vest, faux leather jacket, faux fur coats and such that you can wear in different seasons in different outfits. You can take a summer dress and pair up with a jacket, or team your culottes and sneaker with a biker jacket and have a whole new look for the fall and winter. Wear them till they spoil, instead of pursuing fashion trends and constantly buying new clothes and discarding old ones.

  1. Embrace vintage piece or second-hand clothes.

black dress with sandals white vintage dress vintage floral print dress with pearl choker

One way of going down the eco-friendly fashions route is by embracing vintage items or buying second-hand clothes. Vintage clothes are always fashionable, as long as you learn how to add eco-friendly accessories along with eco-friendly shoes and an eco-friendly handbag as well to them. Second-hand clothes help the environment a lot by saving scrap materials or old clothing from clogging up the landfills and breathing a whole new life out of them.

  1. Shop for eco-friendly fashion pieces.

white dress with strappy sandals white beach dress sheer mesh coverup

Think of handcrafted jewelry and clothing as well as organic clothes and accessories. Handcrafted necklaces, bracelets, belts, shoes, bags and such are great as handmade is original. By heeding these simple tricks, you’ll be able to look stylish while being friendly to our environment.

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