6 Ways to Wear a Tunic Top

Tunic tops are really great for spring and summer because they’re so easy and so versatile. They blend in easily with any wardrobe and they’re especially perfect for those who love laidback looks and casual ensembles. The thing about tunic tops, though, is that they sometimes tend to make you look a bit more mature. Lucky for you, we have a few couple tips on how you can wear a tunic top with style. Check them out below before you head out and get yourself one.

  1. Try a plain and simple design – you can never go wrong with a plain and simple tunic top. If you’re a minimalist, these types of tunics are the perfect ones for you. Simply pair them up with leggings or skinny jeans and you’re good to go. These kinds of tunics are great for everyday looks, too.plain and simple tunic top and leggings
    plain tunic tucked in shorts
  2. Or look for something dressier – if you’re not into simple designs, though, you might think a plain tunic is way too boring. In that case, a dressy tunic is probably what you’ll want. Look for a tunic top with nicer and dressier details. These are the kind that you can wear for slightly more special events like dates or a nice lunch out with your friends.dressy tunic top jamie chung dressy tunic outfit dressy crocheted tunic top
  3. Kimono style tunic top – if you want a really relaxed look, a kimono style tunic top is what you need. Kimono style tunic tops are great for channeling Bohemian vibes throughout your outfit, too, and creating an outfit with a cool, Boho look.kimono style tunic kimono tunic top
  4. Lace up tunic top – with Coachella and a slew of other festivals coming up, you’ll want a chic tunic to help you create gorgeous festival-ready looks. Lace up tunic tops are perfect for those who want a bit more of a trendy vibe injected into their look. The lace up details gives the tunic a more updated feel, making it so much more stylish.lace up tunic top in gray lace up low tunic top
  5. Try out trendy styles – if you read a lot of fashion blogs, you may have already seen some of the trendiest tunic styles available right now. These include maxi tunics, tunics with side slits, and lacey tunics that have a very sexy look and feel. These tunic styles are perfect if you are not fond of the traditional kaftan-style tunics.trendy side slit maxi tunic trendy maxi button up tunic
  6. Have fun with a printed tunic top – for a more fun and whimsical look, go for a printed tunic top. Plain tunics are great and all but a printed one can really take your look to a whole new level.printed tunic cute design printed tunic top with white jeans


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