6 Ways to Style Your Chambray Shirt for Spring

Known to be the most casual top, chambray shirt can actually make your spring style more breezy and cool. Whether you’re a fan of flashy colors, novelty prints, sexy outfits, or sporty accessories, keep on reading for our 6 ways to make your chambray shirt spring appropriate.

  1. Wear your chambray shirt with brightly colored skirts.

chambray shirt with neon yellow skirt

orange skirt with chambray top chambray skirt with maxi skirt

If you love wearing colors and want to create a bold fashion statement, wear your blue chambray shirt with brightly colored skirts. You may start wearing your blue top with a turquoise or bright blue skirts for a monochromatic yet eye-catching look, or go analogous by wearing both colors next to each other on the color wheel. Think of neon yellow, orange, red, purple, green and such shades to add some life into your spring outfits. After all, spring is a season of colors where every flower blooms around.

  1. Mix your denim top with suede ensembles.

chambray shirt with sneakers flared jeans with chambray top and camel coat chambray shirt with suede skirt

Whether you’re a fan of 70s bohemian or hippie look, or just looking for a great fabric contrast, team your chambray shirt with any suede item. Like fashion blogger Annabelle Fleur, you may think of wearing your chambray shirt and flared jeans with a suede coat to channel your hippie vibe modernly. Or, simply opt for a pair of lace up flats and suede skirt to spice up your denim top.

  1. Wear some spring-inspired prints with your chambray shirt.

chambray shirt with leaf print skirt orange floral print skirt with chambray shirt floral shorts with white t-shirt and chambray blazer floral print skirt with chambray shirt floral print pants with chambray shirt floral pants with tank top and chambray shirt

Whether you’re a fan of floral prints or tropical patterns, spring-inspired prints can add some breezy vibe into your looks. Like Veronica Popoiacu, go for a brightly colored floral print skirt for a bold statement when worn with your chambray shirt. Or, simply go for subtle shades of floral on your pants like Jessica Ricks did to look feminine and chic on your street style.

  1. Wear the denim-on-denim look creatively.

chambray shirt with floral jacket denim skirt with flared pants with chambray top chambray shirt with white jeans

The denim-on-denim look may be one of the most overused styles that can be seen on the streets, so wear them creatively. Wearing a printed blazer with your chambray shirt and jeans will be great to refresh your look, as well as going cropped with your chambray shirt. Or, go eccentric with creative layers of your denim items like Michele Krusi did, wearing her chambray shirt, denim button front shirt and flared jeans all at once.

  1. Make your chambray shirt office-appropriate with sleek skirts.

chambray shirt with feminine skirt printed clutch with chambray shirt and pastel skirt chambray shirt with white full skirt chambray shirt with pencil skirt

Wearing a skirt with a chambray shirt may require shirt tucking especially when you’re aiming for a creative office outfit that requires polish and sleekness. If you have a short waist or just want to look extra sleek, secure a slim-fitted chambray shirt so that it won’t add bulge to your waist when wearing it tucked in. Like Veronica Popoiacu, you can create a chic juxtaposition with a lace pencil skirt worn with a chambray shirt perfect for a casual office environment

  1. Incorporate trendy spring accessories into your casual chic outfit.

sweater with chambray top sweater with chambray shirt and casual shorts fringe suede boots with chambray shirt and jeans chambray shirt with cool skirt

Saddle bags, fringe boots, wide brimmed hats, satchel bags, half moon bags, sneakers, and strappy sandals can be a great addition to make your chambray shirt spring-appropriate. Just be creative on tweaking your outfit to create a bold statement that’s original and fashion-forward.

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