6 Ways to Make Turtlenecks Look Sexy

The turtleneck trend is back from the 90s and we’re loving it now more than ever. Turtleneck tops have been a very big hit among fashionistas this fall and winter and while they make great cold weather staples, I think we can stretch them out well into spring and summer if we could find ways to wear them and stay cool while looking sexy at the same time. If you’re a big fan of turtlenecks and you want more exciting ways to sport them, check out these fresh ideas on how to make turtlenecks look sexy.

  1. Wear it sleeveless – for fall and winter, long sleeved knitted turtleneck tops are a proven favorite but if you’re wearing them for spring and summer, you’re going to want to lose the sleeves and go sleeveless for a cooler and slightly sexier look.sleeveless knit turtleneck
    sleeveless turtleneck and wide leg pants
  2. Go for a bodyfit turtleneck top – turtleneck tops that hug the body and show off your curves give off a very sexy look despite having you well covered up. If you’re looking for a way to make your turtleneck top or dress look sexier, it’s best to opt for body fit piecesfitted top and shorts fitted turtleneck dress
  3. Pair it with a miniskirt – sometimes, all it takes to make something so modest look sexy is to pair it up with something that will really give you that touch of va-va-voom. Your turtleneck top will look instantly sexy when worn with something sexy like a miniskirt.miniskirt high waisted with print miniskirt with thigh high boots
  4. Wear a turtleneck minidress – another really easy way to give the turtleneck trend a sexier twist is to wear a turtleneck minidress. This is perfect for those who want a throw and go kind of look that’s both sexy and cute at the same time or for those who just want an easy outfit that they can wear for everyday looks.mini dress with coat mini dress and oversized tuxedo
  5. Try a turtleneck crop top – crop tops have been a favorite for many fashionistas for quite some time now since their return to the fashion spotlight and a turtleneck crop top is a really cool way to give your old turtleneck a sexy new look. You can ever pull off a full on 90s look with a turtleneck crop top with the right pieces to wear it with.crop top and pencil skirt crop top and leather skirt
  6. Look for cut out details – cut outs are super hot and on trend right now and if you’re looking for a way to wear your turtleneck with more of that sexy vibe, having a cut out detail or two can really help.cutout chest details gigi hadid cutout sides turtleneck

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