6 Ways to Look Glamorous in Gold

One of the most challenging things in your fashion style is to have that precious and perfectly polished look without spending tons of money and loads of time. Since gold color itself looks glamorous, you may incorporate them in your outfits and accessories to get a glamorous look effortlessly. However, wearing head-to-toe gold may end up looking tacky instead of glamorous so you must not over do it. So, keep on reading for your 6 ways to look glamorous in gold and have a pretty amazing fashion style worth glancing at.

  1. Wear gold jewelry with your casual or formal outfits.

gold and pearl crown with statement rings

statement gold jewelry gold floral necklace with gold bracelet gold bib necklace with fur jacket and leather trousers

Luxurious and glamorous, gold jewelry is a great addition to your style if you’re seeking for a timeless and sophisticated look. You don’t have to splurge on a real gold jewelry set at all times, as stainless steel in gold shades, as well as other fancy metals in the opulent color, are widely available in the market that can still make your outfit look fabulous. Looking for ways to spice up your layered look, then, trade your wool coats to a chic fur coat that will look perfectly elegant with gold chain necklaces and leather gloves with gold studs. You may also add some playful look to your outfit by opting for a fancy gold crown like Kristina Bazan did that made her look fabulous with a touch of modern royalty.

  1. Spice up your simple outfits with a gold belt.

gold belt with one shoulder maxi dress pastel yellow dress with gold sandals gold chain belt with elegant outfit gold belt with white dress

Gold bets are stylish and functional accessories that can keep your outfit glamorous and chic. Just pick a belt style that will go well with the outfit statement you’re trying to make. For instance, street style star Chiara Ferragni creatively wore a leaf-shaped gold belt with her Greek-goddess-like maxi dress that made a mythological statement in a modern way. Are you a fan of the Baroque and Victorian Era of lace and silk? Then go for chain belts with cross and swords ornaments like Kristina Bazan wore and your outfit will surely bring you back in time.

  1. Make your party dresses glamorous with a gold pair of pumps.

black velvet dress with gold heels yellow outfit with gold mules red lace dress with gold shoes purple dress with gold shoes lace dress with gold shoes

Shoes can make or break your look so opt for a pair of gold pumps that will surely make a glamorous statement to whatever kind of party you’re going onto. Since metallic gold is also considered as neutral like black, white, and brown, it will surely blend well with any color of your party dresses. Just go for the classic colors of red, blue, purple, white, black on your dresses and skip those flashy shades of neon that will only make your look tacky not glamorous.

  1. Wear your gold colored ensembles with chic pieces.

blouse metallic gold kristina bazan gold skirt with sequin top off shoulder top with gold skirt metallic gold sweater with fur skirt metallic-gold-blazer-with-black-outfit

Wearing gold-colored ensembles won’t always look glamorous, especially when paired with distressed denim items and other ragged casual fabrics. So, the key is to wear your gold colored ensembles only with chic pieces to keep its glamorous statement in place. A black off shoulder top, burgundy fur skirt, black leather pants, or chic sequin top will be great to look glamorous on your style.

  1. Opt for prints with gold trims to look fabulous and elegant.

gold and black dress with ankle strap sandals gold and black dress with classic pumps metallic gold dress with coat metallic gold shorts with blazer

Instead of wearing the traditional black-and-white stripes and polka dots on your street style, resort to prints with gold trims to keep your style glamorous and elegant. Floral prints look more fabulous in black and gold shades compared to a bunch of bright colors in clashing shades. So, be selective on your prints and patterns to keep a glamorous statement that’s timeless and exquisite.

  1. Revamp your fashion style with gold sequined ensembles.

metallic-gold-gown gold sequined blazer with black outfit gold sequin pants with chic white top gold sequin dress gold sequin dress with red pumps embellished gold skirt with avant garde top

Wearing sequin may be challenging as the shades of green, red, and blue easily look festive but not glamorous. However, gold sequins in elegant shades look perfectly chic and luxurious giving you some edge to wear them from day time to night time. Whether a dress, blazer, top, or pants, gold sequins can be great to look fabulous on your fashion style without piling too many accessories on your outfit.

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