6 Ways to Dress for Less

Looking great doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. Whether you’re building a functional wardrobe, looking for a great outfit, or controlling your spending habits, keep on reading for the 6 ways to dress for less.

  1. Buy the right size.

effortlesstly chic outfit with heels

leather trousers with fur jacket and white top

Buying the right size that flatter your body features can be a great way to avoid taking trips to a tailor, or stuffing items in your closet. Don’t think that if  it’s a little too small, yet on sale is just okay since you’re about to lose a few pounds. If you’re going to buy clothes to fit your future body, then why shop now?

  1. Sell what you’re not wearing at a consignment shop.

graphic print dress with over the knee boots polka dots dress with over the knee boots and sling bag

Before you buy your next article of clothing, go into your closet and remove everything in there that you haven’t touched for a year. To make money out of your clothes, take it to a consignment shop. This way, you get cash from your old clothes that can be used it to buy some new ones. When you’re selling or buying used clothing, go to the fancy part of town as people there pay more for your stuff and give away theirs when they get bored.

  1. Don’t buy clothes to change your mood.

striped matching set with oxfords sailor blazer with necktie and lace skirt

Don’t shop for the high just to build your self-esteem or to fight off depression. The good feeling you get by buying new clothes is temporary, ineffective, and expensive. Remember, physical solutions have no effect on emotional problems.

  1. Shop outlet malls or check a coupon first before you shop.

casual outfit with lightweight coat leopard print dress with boots

Shop outlet malls as some labels actually make less expensive, lower-quality goods specifically to sell in their outlet stores. You may also check out auction sites or discount clothing websites that could save you sales tax, as long as you make sure shipping isn’t eating up your savings. Buying out of season can be smart too, as well as regular checking for a coupon code before going shopping.

  1. Use cash and list to avoid impulse buys.

statement heels with urban outfit tribal print matching set with clutch

Before going shopping, know your budget and keep a list with you. If you plan what you’re going to spend, you’ll spend what you plan. This applies to everything you shop for and is also effective at preventing impulse buys.

  1. Trends won’t make your style timeless.

architectural outfit with handbag designer bag with graphic print dress

Buy outfits, not items as it doesn’t do you any good to buy a shirt that doesn’t go with any of your pants.  Build a wardrobe around a few key things and skip trendy pieces that you can’t wear next few months. By heeding these simple tricks, you’ll be able to look fashionable for less.

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