6 Ways to Create Your Signature Look

Creating your signature look is easy if you know what you are going for. One secret that many style icons have when it comes to dressing up every day is sticking to their signature styles / looks, especially when they’re in a rush but still want to look completely fashionable. Figuring out your signature look can also help save you time, energy, effort and time. Here are some tips on how to create your very own signature look.

  1. Know your body – your body type, its shape, its assets and its flaws – these are just some of the things that you need to know and get familiar with before you can create a signature look. Knowing what looks good on you is the first thing that you need to do and master to create a signature look that’s effortlessly chic.posh hampton style outfit
    chic trendy and contemporary
  2. Create a vision – do you want to present yourself as the girl who always looks chic, sophisticated and ladylike or would you rather be the cool girl who has dope street style outfits all the time? Are you a sneakerhead, a fan of flats or do you go crazy for heels? Creating a vision will help you choose pieces to add to your wardrobe more easily.easy breezy chic trendy street style chic
  3. Pair up your faves – got an outfit that looked really good on you? Keep those pieces in a set and wear them as your go-to looks every time you’re in a rush but still want to look chic and stylish. Change up a piece or two from the set every once in a while to keep things from being boring.cool vintage look vintage preppy
  4. Create a uniform – creating a uniform doesn’t mean going to Mark Zuckerberg’s level and wearing gray shirts and jeans all day every day. It could be as simple as having something incorporated in your look constantly, whether it’s a certain cut, fit, color, or detail.edgy ladylike victoria beckham ladylike outfit style
  5. Stick to a look you know best – whether you’re most comfortable with doing preppy looks or you prefer more sexy and edgy outfits, sticking to a look that you know best is something you need to do if you want to create a signature look.boho inspired outfit bright summer style
  6. Own it – lastly, if you really want to create a signature look that’s unique to you, you have to wear it like you mean it, own it and do it with confidence. Doing so will help you pull off anything and everything effortlessly.LBD sophisticated outfit neutral chic


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