6 Ways to Be Stylish Not Trendy

Style is all about expressing your individuality through the clothes you’re wearing, and is not influenced by customs or trends.  Being stylish means you just need to be yourself and look amazing. Unfortunately, if you wish to be trendy, you have to update your wardrobe every season according to the changing trends. So, keep on reading for the 6 ways to be stylish not trendy.

  1. Shop for the upcoming season in the previous season.

breezy travel dress with hat

chic white party dress

It is obvious that the last year’s summer collection is going to be followed in this year’s summer too. So, think of preparing for summers in late spring. Just go through the last year’s fashion updates through Fashion weeks, red carpet, style blogs and such so you’ll easily get ideas to shape up your attire. Like fashion blogger Jenny Bernheim, you can opt for a breezy chic dress that will look great for every summer.

  1. Grab on to colors and prints.

abstract print coat with tall boots breezy coral dress

Spring has left many colors for us, the shades of sunset, lavender, orange and other eye-soothing colors are seen as to be continued into this season as well. So, don’t let these prints and colors go, whatever the season, you can contrast and combine your favorite prints to give them a bold look. Like fashion blogger Jenny Bernheim, thin of an abstract print coat that will look stylish in the colder months with boots.

  1. Opt for a breezy and chic dress.

breezy white dress with classic pumps ruffled party dress

Depending on the season, you can opt for breezy and chic dress that will make our feminine style more fashionable. You may go for casual at the same time classy. While you need some layers in the winter, you may select colors and fabrics which are light and seem to be comfortable in the summer. The perfect dress should be figure-flattering and easy to wear.

  1. Keep it short.

high waist skirt with floral print blouse boho chic blouse with floral print shorts

Though winter is all about bulky layers and leather trousers, keeping your bottoms short in the warmer months will make everything stylish and chic. As the craze of denim is not fading away anytime soon, then you should also opt for clothing which does have some denim elements. Denim overalls, shorts and cutoff shorts are the street style wear and they give you both an elegant and a relaxed look. Or, to make everything chic, opt for a pair of high-waist skirt teamed with a chic blouse or a pair of floral print shorts teamed with a pastel colored top like fashion blogger Jenny Bernheim did.

  1. Go for economical yet stylish outfits.

overalls with printed top white lace dress

You don’t have to drain your wallet just to look stylish. So, never underestimate the stores in your town as they may offer you something which even big names can’t. Do visit your nearby stores and see what they have for you. Cute dresses don’t have to cost a fortune, thus, be wise and shop more whilst investing lesser money.

  1. Wear some attitude and be confident.

classy lavender outfit with pastel coat art deco print dress

Dressing up like a princess or a star would be nothing if you don’t have the confidence to carry your dress well. Remember, style is nothing but a matter of taste and a fusion of colors with your individuality. So, be confident and wear some attitude so your outfit will go with your personality. By heeding our tricks, you’ll be stylish and won’t change yourself just for trends that keep changing with the weather.

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