6 Ways to Avoid Buying a Knockoff

Fake fashion is one of the tricky things the industry has to deal with. We all covet high-quality luxury items for fashion reasons, which explain why knockoffs have become so common. While some women know they’re buying a designer knock-off, others can’t tell the difference. So, keep on reading for the 6 ways to avoid buying a knockoff.

  1. Be careful of the location you plan to purchase the designer item.

1ouis vuitton designer bag with chic outfit

gray office bag with casual outfit

The only way to guarantee you’re getting the real deal is to buy from an authorized dealer, such as a department store or designer’s own store, since individuals aren’t authorized dealers of designer goods, unless they’re re-selling singular used designer items. Take note that most counterfeit designer goods are made in Asia, so if you spot a tag on a Gucci product that reads ‘Made in China’ it’s highly suspect. So, if you’re purchasing an item you think is real online, check first where the item is shipped from. Also, designer goods are usually made in Europe and will include engravings or markings that prove so.

  1. Look for documentation of authenticity.

hermes designer bag with bomber jacket and leather leggings urban outfit with chic designer bag

Since designers want to assure you that you’re buying the real deal, most designer items you buy, especially leather goods, come with identifications cards, branded packaging, and other information that ensures authenticity. If you’re buying a secondhand, look for documentation of authenticity from your seller.

  1. Examine the logo on the item.

hermes designer bag with quirky outfit louis vuitton clutch with black dress and coat

Replicas have been created to fool buyers into snatching up versions that are similar, but definitely not the real thing. One thing to look for is the logo of the handbag, wallet, shoes, or clutch. Make sure that the logo is printed correctly on the item you’re about to buy. Also, take a look on zipper pulls, name plates, and even shoes will have the logo engraved, not cheaply stamped.

  1. Check the workmanship on the item.

hermes designer bag with urban outfit quilted chanel designer bag with chic outfit

A designer good will always display exemplary craftsmanship. Authentic goods don’t have loose threads or unraveling zippers. Also, take a look at seams and how they’re sewn. Generally, the fabric and pattern of a fake handbag won’t line up at the seams. When you’re buying the real thing, remember that you’re not just paying for a recognizable name, but for quality workmanship.

  1. Observe the way the item feels.

all black casual outfit with chic bag designer bag with turquoise top and shorts

Leather goods should feel soft and supple and will never feel stiff or like plastic. However, if you’re buying a secondhand designer item, you might see some gentle signs of wear, but not total disruptions in the quality of the item.

  1. Take note of the price of the item.

louis vuitton designer bag with tribal print dress louis vuitton designer bag with sailor cap and casual outfit

If the deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is. If you do happen to come across a designer piece that you’re interested in and it’s steeply discounted, do your research and find what the original retail price of the item is. By heeding these tricks, you’ll be able to buy a real designer bag that you’ll love for more years to come.

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