6 Tricky Trends to Wear and Still Look Like a Lady

There are some trends that are nice, yet uncomfortable to wear. If you’re a dress type of girl, you might feel challenging to pull off trends like borrowed-from-boys, oversized sweaters, sneakers, tuxedo blazers and such. However, regardless of the trends and styles, there’s always a way to make it work for you. So, keep on reading for the 6 tricky trends to wear and still look like a lady.

  1. Sneakers

sporty chic outfit with colorful sneakers

wedge sneakers with shorts and chic top

A clean pair of white sneakers will literally just about go with anything, but to give them more of a lady-like quality, try pairing them with feminine full skirts or girly fancy dresses. Or, like fashion blogger Annabelle Fleur, you may think of a chic blazer styled with a cute brooch that can elevate the athletic trend with a feminine twist. Also, think of floral print sneakers that will look chic at the same time playful with any outfits.

  1. Sweatpants and Joggers

sweatpants with boxy sweater sweatpants with lightweight shirt

When wearing sweatpants and joggers, the fit of the pants matters. So, opt for something with a slimmer leg and that cuffs at the ankles. Like fashion blogger Johanna Olsson, think of dressing it up with a pair of nude heels. Or, think of getting that urban look in a modern way with a chic structured bag and boxy sweater like fashion blogger Kristina Bazan did.

  1. Tuxedo Blazer

burgundy tuxedo with accordion skirt and metallic silver pumps tuxedo blazer with fur skirt and ankle strap sandals

You can make the masculine blazer look more feminine by teaming it with chic ensembles. Like fashion blogger Annabelle Fleur, you may skip your little black dress for evening parties and instead opt for a tuxedo blazer teamed with a fur skirt that can make a bold statement. Or, opt for classic tuxedo shades like burgundy, gold, pastel hues, red and such to make it more dressy.

  1. Oxfords and Brogues

oxford cap toe shoes with chic outfit metallic oxfords with pastel outfit

The key to make your masculine shoes look chic is to team them with feminine-like details and outfits. If you can’t wear a ruffled or frilly dress in a pink shade, think of chic ensembles like sexy shorts, chic blazer, breezy top, or even chiffon blouses that will juxtapose perfectly with your edgy shoes.

  1. Oversized Sweater

fur skirt with oversized sweater oversized sweater with yellow shorts and printed clutch

To make the unflattering fit chic, team your oversized sweater with sexy or dressy bottoms. Like fashion blogger Blair Eadie, be festive in the colder months with a cozy sweater teamed with a white fur skirt that can take you from Sunday brunches to garden parties.

  1. Birkenstock Sandals

white lace dress with birkenstocks white dress with chic button down and birkenstocks

It may sound ugly, but Birkenstocks are some of the comfortable footwear options out there. Like fashion blogger Jessica Stein, make your ugly sandals look chic with a lace or eyelet dress, making your warm weather style a bit unexpected. While some styles might look intimidating, there’s always a way to rework them so they fit your own aesthetic. Just be bold on your fashion statement to channel your creative personality and an unexpected style with a feminine twist.

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