6 Trends to Look Out for this Year

New year, new season, new trend to look out for. The past year has been a fun and wild fashion ride and while we certainly loved a lot of the trends that popped up in the past year, there’s something about this year’s upcoming trends that excite us and really want us to get the days going quickly. Whether you’re stuck in a style rut or you just feel like trying out something new, check out these trends to look out for this year that will help you kick start your year in style.

  1. Slip-ons – slip-on dresses are going to be huge this year. Boudoir style outfits will be everywhere and, before you know it, you’ll have a few slip dresses piling up in your wardrobe because they are just so comfortable! Layer them up with a jacket, a blazer or a shirt for the daytime and wear them as they are but with posh accessories at night.slip dress and coat
    slip dress hat and birks all in black outfit
  2. Mini pleats – love playing around with texture? Good. Because this year, mini pleats or micro pleats will be back on trend and they will be everywhere! Mini pleats are perfect for when you need to play up a monochromatic look or when you need just a subtle addition of volume to a certain area.mini pleated midi skirt and denim top mini pleated mini skirt in mustard on taylor swift
  3. Bow details – girly girls, rejoice! This year is the best year to embrace your girly side and show that through your outfits. Bows are one of the trends that will be taking the fashion spotlight this year and what better way to wear them than incorporated, as subtly or as boldly as you like, in your outfit!bow tie detail on outfit bow details on skirt and shoes
  4. Shimmer and shine in the daytime – forget about reserving all things shiny and shimmery for a night out with the girls. This year, feel free to shimmer and shine, even during the daytime. You can be as subtle as you want with subtle shine and shimmer details or you can go all out if you are feeling especially bold for the day.shimmer in subtle details for this daytime look shimmery tux coat
  5. Low slung pants – looks like high waisted bottoms are going to be taking a break this year because this year is the year when low slung pants are back! We know you missed them and, quite honestly, we did too which is why we’re excited for this trend to hit the streets!low slung pants and crop top by gigi hadid low slung pants with low neck top
  6. Bright and vibrant colors – spring and summer, for the past few years, have been all about pastel colors and soft hues but not this time! This year, you’re free to go crazy on color because bright and vibrant hues are in.

bright and colorful romper and purse bright jumpsuit in neon pink


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