6 Trends That Are Making You Style Cheap

Trends can be tricky as they can make your style look expensive or cheap. Whether you’re aiming for an effortless style, it doesn’t have to look dowdy or sloppy. So, keep on reading for the 6 trends that are making your style cheap before jumping into fashion-forward looks that you wish to copy.

  1. Distressed Denim

distressed cut off shorts with plain top

distressed denim skirt with off shoulder top distressed denim shorts with pastel top

Denim is the most casual fabric out there, and going for a distressed style with rips, tears, patchworks, and frays won’t make your outfit look expensive. Instead for going for a distressed item, go for plain one that will still look cool and will dress down your too sophisticated ensembles without looking sloppy.

  1. Mixing Prints or Flashy Patterns

printed blazer and shorts with nude sandals striped top with printed trousers printed blouse with shorts and sandals

Mixing printed items with patterned pieces became trendy, as well as flashy designs that you usually see on matching sets. However, the trend won’t make your style look smarter or more polished, that’s why it’s avoided in a professional workplace. Instead of sacrificing your image, better mix your plain colored items with printed ones to add some flair without overdoing the look.

  1. Oversized Trend

oversized coat with skinny jeans oversized sweater with miniskirt oversized outfit with sneakers and bandana scarf

Oversized coats, blazers, and jackets can add some effortlessly cool vibe to your outfits. However, they won’t make your style look sophisticated and expensive. Remember, we are always encouraged to go for a perfect fit when buying clothes, so why would you go for something that won’t flatter your figure just because it’s trendy.

  1. Unflattering Color Combinations

brightly colored necklace with casual outfit yellow dress with leather jacket and fringed clutch color blocked outfit

Wearing color blocked outfits or adding a pop of color might work when done correctly. However, going for brightly colored necklace that looks a bit quirky can ruin your overall look, unless there’s something special to your accessory that you want to wear it with your outfit. Wearing red with orange, blue with yellow, green with purple sometimes work to create a fashion-forward style, but they won’t make your outfits look more expensive.

  1. Wearing Billowy with Loose

black tousers with blazer striped pants with black top denim jacket with flowy dress

Regardless how comfortable you like to dress yourself, wearing billowy pieces with loose items will only make your overall style slouchy. Proportions is the key so always think of teaming your loose tops with fitted bottoms, tuck your slouchy tops with your pants, or add some structure with a chic blazer.

  1. Non-Feminine Sandals or Flip-flops-like Slip-Ons

tee and shorts with slip on sandals slip on sandals with casual top and shorts platform sandals with casual outfit

Unless you’re wearing a too sophisticated outfit that you would like to dress down, wearing ugly sandals with too simple outfit won’t look great. If you plan to wear your favorite tee and denim shorts on your street style, better resort to a pair of chic sneakers or ballet flats that look more polished over slip-on sandals that resemble flip-flops. By taking these trends into consideration, you’ll be more careful on copying the latest look that might not flatter your style and personality.

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