6 Tips to Look Good in A Puffer Vest

Every winter, one of the hardest struggles that fashionistas go through is looking for something to wear that’s both comfy and stylish. A puffer vest is a really nice and comfortable piece of clothing but, unfortunately, it isn’t the easiest to style and nor is it the most flattering piece of outerwear you can wear. It’s a nice layer to add on to your outfit, sure, but you need to know how to make it work for you so you can own it. Here are a few tips on how to look good in a puffer vest.

  1. WEAR IT IN BLACK – black is always a good idea. Puffer vests have the natural tendency to make people look stouter and if that’s not okay with you, you can always counter the effect by wearing it in a slimming color like black. What’s more is that black is so versatile, it will allow you to wear anything underneath your puffer vest.sleek puffer vest
    chic black puffer vest
  2. OPT FOR THE QUILTED PATTERN – the horizontal stitching on puffer vests is what makes them the opposite of slimming so another trick that you can do to counter that effect is to opt for a puffer vest with a quilted design instead of the horizontal ones.polka dot quilted puffer herringbone puffer vest
  3. LIVEN IT UP – most of the time, the puffer vests that you will find will come in plain, solid colors and, when paired up with something in a plaid and solid color underneath as well, tends to look boring. To liven up your puffer vest, make sure to wear something interesting underneath. This can be a bold and vibrant hue, a quirky print, a combination of both or more.houndstooth shirt and red puffer quilted white puffer vest
  4. PAIR IT WITH SKINNY JEANS / LEGGINGS – the best bottoms to pair with puffer vests, I find, are skinny jeans and leggings. The skinny fit from these create a nicely balanced silhouette when paired with anything chunky on top such as a puffer vest.cozy leggings and puffer vest diagonal seam puffer vest and skinny jeans
  5. KEEP LAYERS TO A MINIMUM – another tip I have if you want to look good in a puffer vest is to make sure that you keep your layers down to a minimum. The puffer vest itself is already a chunky piece so you’ll want to keep the rest of your outfit as slim as possible.red puffer vest and checkered shirt slim puffer vest
  6. DITCH THE PUFFY PUFFER VEST – some puffer vests are just too puffy. That’s not the kind that you want. If you’re trying to avoid a chunky and stout silhouette, choose the sleeker and slimmer designs over the usual puffy vest.

sleek brown puffer vestblack and white puffer with lace top

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