6 Tips to Help You Accessorize Like Fashion Bloggers

If you think the only way to be fashionable is by spending thousands of dollars on designer brands, think again. Fashion bloggers are known for creatively mixing high-end with high street, as well as accessorizing to change their overall looks. So, keep on reading for the 6 tips to help you accessorize like fashion bloggers.

  1. Stack bracelets.

gold bracelet and watch with chic outfit

gold bracelet with striped top

If you’re going for your basics, like a white blouse and black skirt, bracelets can really spice things up. However, one bracelet won’t really do much so think of stacking bracelets to create a bold statement. Like fashion blogger Kristina Bazan, you can still create that classy vibe if you’re going to wear gold bracelets in a single tone without matching them with other metals. For a trendy vibe, mix the variety both in color and style.

  1. Accessorize focal points.

cobalt blue necklace with white lace top and cobalt blue pants colorful choker necklace with purple top and printed pants

The aim is to use focal points to attract attention to your good points and minimize or detract from your flaws. “Focal points are things that attract attention such as a bright color or a striking design,” stylist Jane Liddelow says. Like fashion blogger Veronica Popoiacu, you may opt for colorful choker necklaces that will draw the eyes to your face. If you want to appear shorter and curvier, jewelry below the neckline can draw the eyes downwards.

  1. Pair jewelry with your neckline.

necklace with nautical-chic outfit statement gold necklace with black dress

If you usually spend hours in your closet holding two different necklaces, trying to decide which one to wear with that dress? A great trick is to pair your jewelry with your neckline. Like fashion blogger Mary Orton, wearing a high-neck collared blouse will look more flattering with a choker necklace over a long chain necklace.

  1. Pay attention to details.

leather jacket with statement bib necklace and black maxi skirt yellow romper with tribal necklace and cowboy boots

Successfully accessorizing is all about paying attention to the details. Whether it’s choosing a necklace based on a neckline or strategically placing bracelets to accentuate focal points, opt for interesting details that will catch attention like a cute pendant or eccentric detail on your earrings.

  1. Follow the high-low rule.

long necklace with office outfit sexy green velvet dress with statement necklace

“If accessorizing your outfits does not come easily, just remember the high-low rule,” says one fashion blogger. Choose one high necklace that sits higher on your chest, when wearing a low neckline and vice versa. Just keep it fairly dainty so it won’t overpower you. Like fashion blogger Mary Orton, you may think of wearing a long necklace with your turtleneck top to add some variety to your style.

  1. Try something new.

statement necklace with pink coat statement long necklace with eccentric outfit

Fashion bloggers aren’t afraid to try an accessory or technique that’s unconventional. Instead of fighting off that next trend and only adopting it after everyone else has, try to be one of the first ones to the proverbial party. By heeding these tricks, you’ll make your accessorizing simple yet trendy while looking unique on your street style.

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